Does your little boy wear leggings?

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While you’re more likely to find them in the girls’ department, more and more moms are dressing their baby boys and little boys in leggings. And, we must admit, they’re looking pretty cool in them! Would you dress your little guy in a pair? Get started with some of these suggestions.

Leggings for Boys

1. Stella McCartney Macy Comic Leggings, Nordstrom, $54
2. Favorite Leggings, 2-Pack, GAP, $25
3. Eagle Cuffed Leggings, Sugar Plum Lane Baby on Etsy, $34
4. Arrow-Print Leggings, ZARA, $16
5. Camouflage Leggings, Sweet Lucy Jack on Etsy, $16 and up
6. Printed Jersey Leggings for Baby, Old Navy, $6
7. Skeleton Leggings, Mini and Maximus, $35
8. Tiger Claw Leggings, Thief and Bandit Kids, $38

How to style them

You’re probably thinking, “They’re just leggings. What’s the big deal?” But styling leggings for boys can be a bit trickier than you’d expect. First of all, if you’ve snagged a pair from the girls’ department (which I often do for my little guy!), you’ll want to make sure that they don’t look like the were plucked out of his sister’s closet. Add a funky tee, in dark colors perhaps, to counterbalance the look.

Next, check on the pattern. Many leggings for boys come in uber-hip graphic patterns, which means you’ll want to pair them with patterns that are complimentary. Stripes pretty much go with everything, even other stripes, and a good general rule of thumb is that if you’re going to mix patterns, keep them in the same color family.

Last up, it’s easy for them to cross into sweatpants or pajama territory. And considering many of the coolest pairs cost more than your typical pair of go-to cover-up pants for your girls, you’ll want to put the effort into making them a piece of an outfit, rather than just throwing them on with whatever is next in his drawer.

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  1. YES to leggings on baby/little boys. They look adorable in them. I actually have those striped gap leggings for my little boy who’s making his debut in April!! 🙂


  2. Author

    I think they’re adorable too, Katie! Can’t wait to see your little guy in some of these… soon!

  3. I am honestly torn about these. I like them on some boys and think they are cool – but I am not sure I’d put them on my own son other than sleeping and laying around the house.

  4. I LOVE the cartoon pair with the words and exclamation points! I would wear them…but I am not sure if I would put these in a toddler boy. Maybe under 18 months?!

  5. My little man LIVES in those babyGap leggings! They are so comfy, and they go with literally everything.

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