The Secret is in the Support!

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I just came back from a fabulous weekend in Las Vegas! I attended SITScation, SITS is a SITS Imagewebsite providing support to female bloggers.  Proving that The Secret to Success is in the Support!  While my husband and I waited to board the plane, I met my very first sista, BookieBoo and even with a baby on her hip, she really helped me get excited! I wish I could bottle her enthusiasm!

Since this was my very first networking conference I was not quite sure what to expect or who I would meet, but I was certain Heather and Tiffany, the beautiful minds  behind SITS would be there to greet me!  And greet me they did, with a fabulous bag o’swag! I was anxious to give them each a great big hug, because they already felt like old friends and they were just as lovely as I imagined.

Friday night my husband Harris and I were lucky enough to sit down and have dinner with KeepItClassyJen, Childhood, Bantering Blonde, KnitPurlGirl and of course BookieBoo.  Harris called us the Mama Mafia! They all seem to knSITS picture 2ow each other very well and even thought I was the new kid they made me feel very welcome!

Later that night at the Disco, I sipped some cocktails with SwirlGirlsPearls and NannyGoatsInPanties. I was entertained by all the Dancing Queens on the dance floor and my husband was happy to finally see some other husbands that had tagged along!  I also enjoyed meeting MamaKat, 7ClownCircus MultitaskingMama and UnderTheSheets. The next day I was lucky enough to sit at the same lunch table as RockOnMommies and LaJollaMom. Two girls that I will for sure be visiting in San Diego.

And for the Unexpected… I had the pleasure of meeting Meaghan from Spirit Jump and boy was I blown away by what she is doing.   I wasn’t the only one  impressed, because the same weekend SITS was going on BlogWorld was happening and Spirit Jump created a frenzy at both events!  They ended up winning the Charity Smackdown that weekend for being the #1 trending topic on twitter (#beatcancer)!  Meaghan is living (cancer free) PROOF of how one person can make an INCREDIBLE difference!  I joined Spirit Jump literally 3 hours after meeting her and if there is one thing I took away from my weekend, it is that I can do MORE. We all can DO MORE!

So go on…Read, Laugh and Support my SITS Girls or become a Spirit Jumper and make a difference today!

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  1. Wow Im touched! It was amazing meeting you as well and what a blessing that you were sitting behind me during the SITS conference. It was such a pleasure meet with you and chat throughout the day! You are my new BFF and I am just so honored by what you have written here! I can’t wait to chat more and work together on raising awareness about all those wonderful charities out there working to make this a better world to live in!

    YOU truly are a Savvy Sassy Mom & Woman

  2. I FORGOT you were on Oprah – remember reading that somewhere. Well done and what an emotional interview.

    Let’s keep in touch. I’m still recovering from Vegas!!!!

  3. Hey girl! I had the BEST time at SITScation with you. And I’m a proud Mama Mafia member! Looking forward to wonderful friendship…and you gotta check out Girls Night Out here, This is what I was talking about. It’s going to be at Stephanie from MomTV’s house in Marina Del Rey. FUN TIMES! Kadi and I will try not to burn the house down…..we’ll try….;)

  4. Hey girlfriend! First I have to say that your site is FABulous! Secondly, so glad to meet you! I hope to see you again soon!!

  5. Great post! It was so nice meeting you and your hubby at SITScation. I hope to get a chance to meet you again. In the meantime, I’ll pop around and visit now and then.

  6. It was SO great to meet you and Harris! I loved chatting, and know that we will get to hook up again- I was just in Ptown today for a meeting and thought of you….

  7. AHHHHH! If I read another great SITScation post, I’m going to pass out from jealousy!

    What a great group of ladies you met! I know some of them from Twitter and blogging and wish I could meet them in person as you did.

  8. It was awesome meeting you! You seen so down to earth and are super easy to talk to. I feel like I could have chatted forever! 🙂 And how funny that I recognized you like that. I came home and told my husband all about it!! 🙂

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