How to wear jeans with shoes

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Hello all! You might remember me from a few weeks ago when I shared about finding your style. I’m Natalia from Ma Nouvelle Mode and I’m back with some more fashion for you today! Have you ever wondered how to wear your jeans with different types of shoes? Do I roll my jeans with flats? Can I wear any jeans with my riding boots? What about flair jeans, what can I wear those with? Well, today I’ve got a mini cheat sheet for you to give an overview of how to wear different types of jeans with different types of shoes. How to Wear Jeans and Shoes together Now, last time I talked about how style was a fluid concept and it is important to make sure what you choose to wear works for you. I do believe there are some general style ‘rules’ out there and the ones I stick with are the ones that, once followed, make whatever you’re wearing more flattering. How to wear Jeans and Shoes


Booties are incredibly popular this year and I can see why. They are super cute and versatile. With your booties, try rolling your pants one time. It can be a little roll, or a longer roll, but keep them above the booties. If I’m being honest here, I break this ‘rule’ all the time and rock my one roll inside my booties. I like it though so oh well!.


Remember those slouchy, straight legged jeans that you’re not allowed to wear with your tall boots? Pull ’em out because they look great with a pair of pumps!


I love my a cute pair of flats. I mean, who doesn’t? They’re cute and practical. With flats, roll your jeans just once up. It can be a small or big roll.

Riding Boots

Tall boots should always be worn, without exception with the tightest skinniest of skinnies you own. I don’t know if there’s anything more unflattering in the shoes/jeans world than baggy jeans trying to be tucked into your boots. Consider this one a rule and just don’t do it. — Side Note: If you don’t necessarily feel comfortable in skinny jeans, this is a great way to wear them. With high boots and a longer tunic, it’s stylish and flattering and you won’t feel self conscience about the fact that you are, in fact, wearing skinny jeans!

Boyfriend jeans

I absolutely love boyfriend jeans with a pair of heels. I think the contrast is adorable. I also love them with flats too, just depends on what look you’re going for. When you wear your boyfriend jeans, you can try the peg legged roll. It’s a double or triple roll and you tuck the side in when you roll as well. Super cute & different! Here I am wearing them with my combat booties. As you can see they’re versatile!

Flair jeans

Try to avoid wearing flats with a flair jean. Pumps or wedges are much better and elongate your legs. This is definitely wise if you’re on the shorter end of the spectrum. There you have it! Super easy & you were probably following most of these examples already.

What do you think, any other examples I missed? How do you wear your jeans with shoes?

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  1. I always feel silly cuffing my jeans because I am sooooo short already. But you make me want to try it!

  2. Ok, I break way too many of these rules, but I will attempt the whole rolled cuff thing. I always feel silly when I do that, but I admire it on others. Thanks for the good fashion advice.

  3. Im already following the rules for, jeans with the shoes and roles.But thank you! Have any other tips?

  4. Im already following the rules for, jeans with the shoes and roles.But thank you! Have any other tips?

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