5 Versatile Bags Under $50

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You know, I love my little guys (ages 3 & 6) but I am so super happy to be out of the diaper bag stage. I know they have cute ones now, but just the hassle of remember diapers, wipes, and whatever else goes in a diaper bag is just too much. Can you tell it’s been a while?

So long, diaper bag!

Well, now instead of diapers I have things like dinosaurs, cars, frogs (pretend of course), ninjas, and an occasional stick or two. So although I don’t need to carry as much as before, I still haven’t graduate to the clutch stage of mommy life. I have to just reserve that for date nights.

So I thought I’d share with you 5 versatile bags that caught my eye that are perfect for moms. I’ll tell you why!

versatile bags for moms

I was in Paris in this picture – does that make it any cooler? That’s my beloved Guess bag that I got for $45 at Ross. She’s pretty and right now she’s my favorite mom bag. Let’s talk first a bit about things you should look for. Some things will be preference, some practical, but hopefully you can take away some helpful tips!

Must-haves in a bag

The straps. I prefer to carry my bag as shown here, but I have also enjoyed having bags that have a cross-body strap. If you’re unsure or like both, you can look out for bags with both.

Pockets! Of course, I mean, where else will you keep all the little cars you need to hold? Think cell phone, keys, and any extras you might have.

Accessibility. Where are those pockets? Are they easy to get to? Will it be easy to grab said car when it is absolutely needed? But seriously, you don’t want everything to get lost at the bottom of your purse!

Practicality. This is kind of all the rest wrapped into one. I think a bag can definitely be cute and practical. Make sure the opening is big enough, it’s easy to wear, and easy to grab things out of.

Now let’s take a look at some cute ones!

bags under $50


I think my favorite is #4. Isn’t it pretty? I’m assuming it’s similar to my Guess bag with enough pockets on the inside. I also used to have one like #2, which I think is cute and very practical for day-to-day. Oh, and I included a European company (Pull & Bear) for all you international readers!

  1. Steve Madden: $49.99
  2. Messenger Bag DSW: $44.95
  3. Armani Exchange: $47
  4. Pull and Bear: $44
  5. Relic Satchel: $44.99

What kinda of mom bag do you carry? Any suggestions to share? I love my Guess bag, but it needs a back-up soon!

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