How to Wear a Maxi Dress into Fall

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How to wear a Maxi Dress into Fall

Maxi dresses are a fashion staple in the summertime – they are super easy to throw on, super comfortable and matched with the right accessories: will make you look put together in minutes. Every woman has a few of these go-to summer dresses in their closet, but what do you do when the weather starts to get chilly and you still want to wear your maxi dress?  You follow these simple fashion tips for transitioning your summer maxi dress into Fall.

How to wear a Maxi dress into Fall

Style Tip #1

This works best with solid colored maxi dresses or prints with neutral tones and colors in them that could lean towards Fall.  Do not try this with a bright pink and yellow hibiscus maxi dress. Maxi dresses that have bright neon colors or large floral prints can just stay in your closet for your next tropical summer vacation.

Style Tip #2

Topping it off with a jean jacket is usually the best way to go in most cases, but make sure your jean jacket is fitted so it doesn’t make you look boxy.  A long sweater is trickier but can be done, if it is not bulky or too big. A longer sweater makes you look cozy and chic which I prefer over a little cardigan, but a cardigan can work too.

Style Tip #3

If you are going to go with the boho chic look then you need to still put on some light makeup, lipgloss and do your hair. This look can easily look like you just rolled out of bed if you have your hair in a ponytail and no make-up on. A sleek bun or braid would work perfectly. Channel your inner Nicole Richie.

Style Tip #4

Accessorize but don’t over do it. Less is always more when you have a maxi dress and especially now when you are adding a top layer to the mix.  If you wear a scarf then pair it with smaller earrings and one bracelet. Ballet flats or the trendy D’Orsay Flats are the perfect shoes for this look this Fall. You can add a little color to the outfit with your flats or a leopard print peeking out from under the maxi dress might look cute, but when in doubt go with a basic black or neutral.

Style Tip #5

A blazer or a nice wrap sweater can be worn over a maxi dress and instantly turn it into a polished work look.  Match it with a bold statement necklace and you can attend a meeting or lunch with a client.  The best part is you will be comfortable all day but chic enough to even grab a cocktail after work.

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  1. Great tips. My question is, why do we have this thought that maxi dresses are only for summer? That’s like saying skirts or dresses are only for summer. It’s all about fabric, color and print like you say above. Keep it appropriate for fall and winter and we can wear them all year round. 🙂

  2. Author

    Kimberly – Well, I think it has a lot to do with where you live in the country too. You don’t want to be slushing around in the snow in Minneapolis in a maxi dress;) But California or Florida girls can certainly where them much longer!

  3. SOOOOO in love with that orange maxi dress with the beading. Gave me some great ideas to wear a few jewel toned dresses through the fall before it gets too chilly.

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