Fashion disasters and my wardrobe overhaul {video}

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Nothing says spring like cleaning out your closet.  To help me dig out from under mine, Robin Saperstain a wardrobe stylist and LA fashionista came over to my house to give me a wardrobe overhaul.  Robin has worked with many entertainment industry clients including some of Hollywood’s well-known moms like Denise Richards and Ali Landry.  She has even styled a fashion show during New York Fashion Week and was featured in Elle Magazine and

I was SUPER excited to have her give me a fashion make-over!  As fashionable as I think I am – I’m a busy Mom, so of course I to get lost in the shuffle sometimes.  Even savvy sassy moms need some friendly fashion reminders and a little push to get out of the yoga pants.   It was so fun hearing her thoughts and reactions to certain items hiding in my closet…Watch!

7 things to consider when cleaning out your closet this Spring:
(Don’t worry, I had plenty of these things hiding in my closet too!)

1.  Juvenile Graphic Prints:  Do not wear Hello Kitty or any Disney character out of the house EVER.  That goes for trendy prints or skater/surfer t-shirts that your daughter might also own.

2.  Slutty Vegas Tops:   You are not 24 anymore, think classy not trashy.  I think Rachel Bilson said it best “You try something on, and if you feel like a slut, you probably look like one.” < love this.

3.  Velour Track Suits:  These outfits are not longer a cool or hip look.  We know they are comfy, but just wear them while cleaning the house not leaving the house.

4.  Ass Candy:  Any sweatpants with words on the butt, it is not stylish to be 35+ and have PINK spelled out across your ass.  You are not in a sorority. Another big DON’T is the blinged out jeans with rhinestones on the ass.  It’s not sophisticated or age appropriate.

5.  Out with the Old:  Donate, sell or toss things you haven’t worn in a year.  If you have not worn it in a year, chances are you probably won’t wear it for another year and then another year.  Let it go.

6.  Fashion Casualties:  Anything that has stains, missing buttons, holes, too small, too big or too difficult to take care of needs to go.  You can do it, it’s just taking up space and making you closet feel cluttered.

7.  Pick a Style:  Ask yourself this:  What would ___________  (insert style icon) wear?  Find a celebrity style that inspires you.  Reese Whiterspoon, Jessica Alba, Nicole Riche, Kate Middleton, Gwen Stefanie, Katie Holmes or Michelle Obama.

The Fashion Pile of Shame!

8 Bags of track suits, slutty tops, graphic tees, never worn, too big, out dated and un-flattering tops were donated to my local Good Will


Stay Tuned:  Thursday, Robin shares the 10 wardrobe essentials every Mom must have!

Do you have a closet full of clothes but never seem to have anything to wear? Contact Robin Saperstein of High Heel In a Haystack to help you feel more confident and less stressed with your wardrobe! Email her today: Or call her: 323-533-4111. You can also check out testimonials on her website at:
Read Robin’s Blog:  High Heel in a Haystack


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  1. You must have felt SO good after purging like that! I always feel so much better after a closet clean out. And I LOVED the final look!

  2. That’s awesome – it looks great! And that’s great advice. We all need reminders.

    So now you’re going to take them to Good Will and some other mom is going to get pulled over by the fashion police. hahahaha.

  3. Loved this! Definitely something I need to do. I’ve done a little bit of closet cleaning this year, but know I have to go even deeper. Great post and I loved the video.

  4. I’m so totally guilty of many of these fashion crimes! I can’t wait to see what she says about the essentials because that’s what I need help with. I’m shopping challenged!

  5. LOL this make me laugh!

    I thought it kind of went without saying that velor tracksuits went out of style about 10 years ago…but after looking around today I guess you do need to mention it!

    I have one shirt with a hole I will not give away. I may need therapy, because I am not sure what is going to happen if it falls apart anymore, but I know I won’t get rid of it.

    There is a mickey mouse shirt that definitely makes it out of the house one days that I feel like no makeup and wearing sweats. I figure people will be nicer to me if I wear him.

  6. What fun! I want to do the same. I haven’t done a really proper clean out in so long. Maybe this weekend I can devote some time. I love getting rid of stuff. I love getting stuff even more, but discarding definitely feels good.

    Was it scary having her come?

  7. You’ve inspired me….Love the wardrobe tips. I think I have a few mishaps in my closet : )

  8. wow!!! that is a lot of clothes!!! thankfully I don’t wear cartoons on my shirts:)

  9. Well, that Mickey shirt never left the house, EVER. It was worn to bed though – my husband is a lucky man;)

  10. No it was fun! We laughed ALOT. Every woman has made bad fashion decisions. Just as long as you admit it and get rid of them!

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