Avon, NC

Quiet Days in the Outerbanks of NC

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Avon, NC

Sunset over Avon, NC

Not every vacation is about rushing around to see every site in a 20-mile radius. Some vacations beg you to stop, sit and just relax. There is no better place to do this than on the southern side of the Outerbanks of North Carolina. Hang a right on Highway 12 when everyone else is going left up to Corolla and Duck. Make your way past Nags Head down to Avon, Buxton and Hatteras to really get away from it all. You won’t find big chain hotels down there, just lots of rental houses and a few motels to call home.

Outerbanks, NC

Lazy Beach Days

Down by the Hatteras Lighthouse you will find one of the best beaches for kids of all ages. The sand is great for digging in and building a few sand castles. The waves are calm enough to splash around, and during low tide little ones can walk out farther than you would think. Lifeguards are on duty, and make sure you pay attention to them, especially during high tide when the surf can get a bit rough. When high tide creeps in grab your buckets and pails and set the kids to work while you kick back with a book and some sweet tea. Don’t forget to pack a comfy chair and umbrella so your skin (and your kids!) stays protected from that hot, hot sun.

Boogie boarding

Active Fun

Grab your boogie boards (available Wings and numerous other surf shops) and hit a few waves as your beginners get their feet wet in the find art of riding the tide. Toddlers can get in on the fun along with their older friends and family members. Looking for a little more excitement? Rent a few bikes to pedal your way along the coastal high way. Just watch out. It’s hot out there people and heat stroke is nothing to joke about. Kite boarding is huge on the sounds as well as kayaking. If you didn’t bring your own, outfitters are more than happy to rent you all you need.

Outerbanks, NC

Enjoying a little housemade frozen custard at Uncle Eddy’s in Buxton, NC

Easy Food Finds

You won’t find as many options for food way down south as you would up north, but there are still plenty of places to grab shrimp and crab, two main staples of the area. Rusty’s Surf and Turf (47497 NC Hwy 12, Buxton) is a great spot to do a little celebrating, or just pop over to Uncle Eddy’s (46860 State Highway 12 #, Buxton) for some homemade custard or ice cream. Angelo’s Pizza (46903 State Highway 12) is perfect for grabbing a few subs, burgers and hot dogs to bring back to the beach if you don’t want to loose your spot. For a little splurge, head to Haoli’s in Avon for sushi. You will find rolls you have never heard of and may never see on a menu again. The Goodie Roll is a must. Trust me.

Getting back to the quieter side of life isn’t as hard as you may think. Just let yourself kick back, relax and enjoy some sun, sand and surf. If you really need some social fun there are plenty of little shops and local artisans to check out. And of course there is mini golf. This is the beach after all. No trip to the beach would be complete without a little mini golf.

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