How to Accessorize the School Uniform

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My daughter’s school uniform isn’t really a uniform per say, but really just the school colors – shirts are navy, white, red and baby blue  and the pants either navy,  khaki or denim  I am grateful she has a dress code because it limits my spending and it’s fun to bend the rules a little bit and get creative with the accessories!

7 Savvy Sassy Tips
Accessorizing that boring School Uniform

1.  Hair Accessories, Headbands, Clips and Fun Pony Tail Holders
2.  Striped,Polk a Dot, Heart or Argyle Leggings
3.  Shoes, Twinkle Toes by Sketchers, cute fringe boots, or metallic ballet flats.
4.  Patterned long sleeve shirts to go under denim jumpers or plain polo shirts
5.  Funky belts – but be sure she is old enough to undo the buckle
6.  Bright, Striped, Fun Tights and Knee High Socks
7.  Denim with a little bling on the pockets

Savvy Sassy Selections
are courtesy of  Old Navy, Gap Kids, Gymboree and Zappos

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  1. This would be great…BUT… almost all schools that have uniforms do NOT let you wear any of the above. The uniform policies extend to almost all areas mentioned above, except for hair accessories.
    Maybe these are different schools,but after 3 kids,6 different schools (all of which had uniforms) there is not much room for jazzing up uniforms.

  2. Bummer! I guess I am lucky because our school lets things like shoes, tights and leggings slide. My daughter wore polk-a-dot tights, purple fringe boots and glittery shoes all last year. I suppose it may change once she gets into middle school and beyond.

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  4. It is always good to have school uniform in place instead of having casual wears. It can save a fair amount of money to parents. Those who can’t afford stylish and expensive clothes can bear school uniforms and save some money. uniform also helps in creating discipline, unity and integrity among students.

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