Thoughtful Tee’s for Back to School!

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Thoughtful Tee’s for Back to School

As to who makes these brilliant shirts!

Peek Kids always has a “smart” line of T-shirts that can evoke a memory, an emotion or a sense of inspiration.   I love that about them.  So much better than a label or brand sewn right in the middle of the shirt so my kid is a walking advertisment, right?  These T-shirts can spark a conversation or lead to a teaching moment with those little minds.

Shop the Inventor Tee’s

Positivity, Determination and Acceptance makes for one powerful girl!

Shop the Positvity Tee’s


Stop into one of their stores!

I’ll be at the  Peek Kids in Santa Monica, CA

For the “All Star Squadren” Event
Kids can dress up like superheroes and get in a Photobooth for pictures!
Saturday, September 11th from 11- 3

All Star Squadron Details

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