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My face is feeling fresh and smooth as a baby’s butt!
The Oatmeal Cookie Bath from Sweet Knee is wonderful, even for me:)

I chatted with Mama Sweet Knee over the phone and she told me the story behind why she started making 100% all natural, baby products right in her very own home.  Her son developed a severe skin rash and nothing over the counter or anything that the doctors prescribe was working.  She had what I would call a “Magnificent Mom Moment” and decided to take matters into her own hands.  She grew up in the beauty industry and used her knowledge to create something natural and from nature to soothe his skin. (and what do you know)it worked!

The first Swet Knee product was Bun Glaze and it is loaded with vitamin A,D and E along with calendula, chamomile, marshmellow leaf and plantain.  You can also use Bun Glaze for  insect bites, sunburn, rug burns, extremely dry skin and of course, diaper rash.

“Our bun glaze is the non-medicated alternative to diaper ointment.  There are no unnecessary “barrier” ingredients like petrolatum, zinc or titanium found in traditional products.  Each ingredient is there for a reason and nothing is chemically altered.  Skin is meant to breathe and be chemical-free. Yes, bun glaze works great with cloth diapers.”

Baby’s don’t get dirty!  For the first 6 months it is reccommended that you use oatmeal baths instead of soap for babies.  Babies are not outside, crawling around or getting dirty so using something natural and with no synthetic ingredients is best for baby.  This works well to relax and calm a fussy baby, or babies that develop a rash or eczema.  When she told me that is works well for adults with sensitive skin or even acne pron skin my ears perked up.  I thought well, if it can calm a fussy baby then maybe it will calm my fussy face!

The Oatmeal Cookie Bath

      is made of Flower petals of calenula, chamomile, marshmallow leaf and creamy oats. *certified organic ingredients
“What you see is what you get.  You can understand every ingredient in our products; they all come straight from nature.  There is enough to worry about as a parent; we want to make choosing skin care for your baby a worry-free process.”

I have a Sweet Knee Giveaway!
The Gift Bag includes the Oatmeal Cookie Bath, Bun Glaze,
Hula Baby Bar, Rubbit Oil, and the Bubbly Soap.

To Enter

1.  Tell me about a special Baby Bath Memory?

Do you remember giving your baby their first bath?  Were you nervous, scared or excited.  Did you have special towel or wash cloths to use?  Did your baby like the bath or was it a scream fest?  Did you remeber to take pictures?  Or did you get peed on?

That’s it just share a special baby bath memory with us!

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 Sweet Kneee all Natural Baby Care

*This giveaway ends Sept. 16th at 11:59pm
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Disclosure:  I was given a set of Sweet Knee Baby Products that is all, my thoughts and feeling are my own.  I intervewed Sweet Knee over the phone to hear her story and learn more about her products and business.  Savvy Sassy Moms always wants to support Mom’s in business and share their stories and products with you.

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  1. When my firstborn came home from the hospital I was a nervous wreck. The first bath I gave him a lot of his hair came off in the washcloth. I thought I had damaged him and had to call my mother right away to find out what to do. I laugh about it now, but it wasn’t funny then.

  2. I remember the first time I gave my son a bath. I was so nervous and he screamed the whole time. By the time I was done, we were both in tears. Now he’s 4 and loves bath, I can’t get him out of the tub.

  3. One that many parents have had, the first bath when little one decided to wee all over.

  4. I have a new grandson and was recently helping his mother give him his first bath. He screamed his head off, then promptly fell sound asleep in the bath water.
    smchester at gmail dot com

  5. I’ll never forget bathing our first born in the kitchen sink. That sink was so huge! He did not like the water and he screamed. I was nervous. Each time he liked it more and more. Now he doesn’t want to get out.

  6. With my first I was so nervous! So tiny, such a tiny little tub, and that girl was so slippery ! 🙂 They are big before you know it, and can wash themselves…..good thing we have our fourth due the beginning of December so I can do it all over again! Thanks!


  8. The first time I gave a baby bath was when I was baby sitting my for niece when she was about 6 months old. My sister didn’t use a bath seat, she just cleaned out the kitchen sink and washed baby in there. It worked great for her, but it was the scariest thing I’ve ever done. I felt like she was going to slip out of my hands the entire time!

  9. I am soon to be a mommy and hope to have many baby bath memories soon!

  10. I remember the first time I bathed my twin girls-I did one at a time and they loved it.

  11. I remember giving our daughter her first bath, She screamed the entire time. We tried everything to get her clean and yet calm her. Nothing worked. My husband had trouble gripping her and thought he was going to drop her as he wrapped her in her towel. She got wrapped up and he was so proud, he cuddled her to his chest and kissed her cheek. She got calm, seemed to smile and then soaked his work clothes in urine

  12. I remember the first bath i got to give my son, it sadly wasn’t until he was 1 month old, due to the fact that he had , had open heart surgery at 5 days old and was in the hospital for 2 1/2 weeks following, and when we got home it was just washcloth, but i remember when we finally got to put him in the little baby bath and he loved every minute of it, my mom was there because she knew how exciting it was for me and i think she took like 200 pictures. I still remember it like it was yesterday. 🙂

  13. This story is not special but I will nevr forget it. One time I was showering with my oldest daughter when she was a tiny baby and I slipped in the bathtub. I was holding her and I landed on my elbow and it hurt really bad. Real bad.

  14. I remember giving my baby a bath for the first time. My mom helped me and we put my baby in the sink and she was very quiet at first and then she started too smile so I guess she was enjoying it. I was so nervous but my mom was there so that helped me alot! My daughter was so adorable and I love looking at her pictures of her very 1st bath.

  15. When Sam came home from the hospital, we delicately sponged her down every morning. Then, six weeks later when her cord FINALLY fell off, we prepped for the big bath moment. All the kitchen counters were cleared. The infant bathtub was filled. Her shampoo was placed in the special holder. We set up a changing station and dressing station on either side of the special tub. We brought out the baby bathrobe to make it a spa like experience. I talked to her and kept her tummy washcloth warm while my DH cleaned the baby.

    How did she respond to this grand event? She howled like a monkey getting in and out and cooed like a dove when submerged in the water.

  16. My three year old sister loves getting baths. In fact she has learned that if she colors on herself with marker, Mom puts her straight in the bathtub. Once she colored on herself, got a bath, and two minutes later she had done it again and came up saying, “Mommy. I need bath”

  17. I remember my son’s first bath in the hospital. With my daughter, she was not happy about it. But with my son, oh he loved the water. At 8mos, he still loves the water! In fact, it is easier to stick him in the sink and wash him off vs. try to wipe his face and hands with a cloth.

    hancoci_s at msn dot com

  18. i follow sweet knee on twitter

    hancoci_s at msn dot com

  19. My daughter was only 4lbs 14 Ounces. She took a bath in the tub that they send you home with. It is tiny but she fit in it well. She didn’t like bath time and her cry was soooo faint because she was so little. Now that she is 8 months she LOVES bathtime! She can make splashes the go clear accross the room!

  20. My first baby was a preemie and I was scared. She hated baths and that made things worse.

  21. My baby cried the very first time (in the hospital) that he had a bath. After that, he absolutely LOVED having baths. He’s a real water-baby!
    HobartsMama {AT} AOL.COM

  22. I have to think back aways on the first bath, but remember the bathroom was small, heater running, and sweat pouring down my forehead. My baby girl screamed the little newborn baby cry, and more sweat down my forehead. Dressed, nursed her and she fell to sleep right away. Ok, I think I can do this and had passed my first bath test. Life was good!!!!! 🙂

  23. Jr. loves to take baths since day 1 (ok, well I think day 6 was his first bath). We just moved him from the baby tub into the regular tub with 2 inches of water in it and he squeals and splashes and tries to gram and eat the washcloth. Much fun is had by all. I think he’s going to grow up to be a pro swimmer judging by how much he loves splashing around in the tub!

  24. When I gave my daughter her first bath I was so scared I would drop her or hurt her, but in the end it went smoothly.

  25. My oldest would scream when you would try to give him a bath. That lasted until he was close to a year old.

  26. I have special memories of bathing my babies in the kitchen sink when they were really small.

  27. With my first, I was nervous about bathing her. My Mom gave her the first bath. After that hubby and I did together. One would hold her in the water while the other washed her off.

  28. my first bath memory is with me my husband and my son. He cried and screamed the whole time, we were so green to parenting and so anxious the whole time. I think it wore us both out to give him that first bath, he later learned to love taking a bath and as a matter of fact last night we had fun time with elmo bath fizzies taht turn the water differnt colors!

  29. I was sooo nervous with my first daughter. I had my mother in law help me. My daughter was screaming bloody murder and I was so sad I couldn’t even look it broke my heart. but it will definately be different this time around.

  30. When my daughter came home from the hospital. We had one of these special “swaddle” blankets so we wrapped her up, and she was so so unhappy! She wanted to sleep with her arms above her head. SO needless to say we did not get use out of that blanket 🙂 suelee1998 @

  31. Adding to my other post… This was right after her first bath, this is when we tried the swattle blanket!

  32. My son was a preemie so I was very nervous and he did not like it at all since he got cold easy and yeap he peed on me also LOL.

  33. My baby isnt due until this winter, so I dont have a memory yet, but I do vaguely remember my mom giving me & my brother baths in the kitchen sink…Whenever I see photos of us there in the sink it makes me giggle.

  34. I have three kids with lots of memories- I always got peed on after the bath was over right when I took them out. Some of my kids liked them and some screamed. My girls helped give our youngest her first bath at home (they were both 4 and 5) such big helpers!

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