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This is a photo of my kids on Playa Flamingo in Costa Rica and it is one of my favorites from that trip.  It has been trapped in my computer for over a year.  The only pictures that ever seem to make it off the computer and onto the walls are our pictures from our travels but even this one had been waiting a long time to be rescued.

This is a canvas print of my kids on Playa Flamingo in Costa Rica – now properly displayed on my living room wall. Thanks to Hello Canvas!  When it arrived I was shocked at the size and shocked by how amazing the picture looked. I had no idea that you could turn your pictures into pieces of artwork just like that!  Hello Canvas asked me to give them a try and I just sent them the small picture through e-mail, they scanned it, made it larger and put it on canvas.

I know you have a ton of pictures you have been meaning to put up and display so choose that one – that one special picture.  You know the one, the one that takes you right back to that moment and makes you smile.  Get it off the computer and on the wall!

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Disclosure:  I was given my picture on canvas complimentary but nothing was expected of me.  I choose what I want to share with my Savvy Sassy readers and all my thoughts and  feelings are my own.

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  1. that’s a gorgeous pic .. well deserving of a spot on ur wall rather than a photo album .. thx for the posted info as will look into doing this soon

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