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Now, you might be wondering why I look so fresh and happy to be in the hospital about ready to burst.  Well, this particular birth was a scheduled C-section, so I was well prepared, showered and looking pretty!  This picture is from my 2nd pregnancy, this birth story is quite different from the first one!  Trust me, I did not look like this when I was getting ready to deliver my first child.

McKenna was an intense labor and while I have tried to erase all the pain from my mind, it’s something you’ll never forget.  It was brutal!  I went into labor at about 1 am and did not deliver until 12:oopm the next day.  I had what they call back labor – it’s horrible!  The pain was so great that I thought I’d never walk again (not becausethat happens, but because my back felt like it was literally breaking!!  McKenna’s head was GIGANTIC and she was “sunny side” up as they say.  Not breech, but her head was facing up instead of down.

The hospital conviently put a clock on the wall right in front of me – why would they do that?  I thought I was in an episode of the twilight zone – time seemed to literally stand still.

I pushed HARD from 9am – 12pm, it was exhausting I was given 3 epiderals.

When I had had enough, I closed my legs, rolled over to the side of the bed, looked at Harris with fire in my eyes and said “I’m DONE!”  (I was pissed)

The nurses agreed and they called for the anesthesiologist to get me a for prepared for a C-section.

This photo is after my scheduled C-section with Hudson

I wanted to try to have a vaginal birth the second time around.  I was actually very disappointed that I did not get to feel that “release” of giving birth.   I wanted to accomplish that, I deserved at least that.  I carried this baby 9 months, worked really hard and not have that grand finale, well it was a bit of a bummer.

But…we decided to schedule a c-section. I remembered the excruciating pain of that first one and WOW – I wasn’t really wanting to take that chance again.  Scheduling the birth also meant that Grandma Merrilee from Florida could be there for this one and hold her grandchild in the hospital right after the birth, which she wasn’t able to do with McKenna.  We also thought that we could have someone help with McKenna that day.  So we scheduled Hudson to be born on September 5th.

McKenna was only 22 months old.


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  1. Andrea!!! Sooooo sweet!!! And OH how the time flies!!! To think they were once so little :)And the end certainly justifies the means 🙂 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!

  2. wow you did have a hard time with McKenna!!! I feel so bad but what a great outcome!!!!!Love you Mom

  3. The ability to have family present who otherwise would not have been able to come was a big factor in my decision to schedule a second c-section. I have no regrets either!!! Your babies are GORGEOUS!

  4. 3 hours of pushing! Wow-you are a rockstar for even trying that long. I love how relaxes you look in the top photo.

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