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I’ve had two children, and I can honestly say I own probably three pieces of actual maternity clothing, two of which are pants.  During my first pregnancy I was still working in Fashion, and fought the inevitable change in my wardrobe, hard.  I was simply not interested in suddenly wearing, in my mind what was set aside for pregnancy at the time, florals, pink, frumpy blouses over stretchy pants, and did everything I could to hold strong and not “loose it”.

Just because I was having a baby, did that mean I needed to start dressing like one? No, Ma’am.  I used designer sample sales and Forever 21 as my go-to resources, keeping up with the trends but knowing what I would be wearing wouldn’t be for long. Luckily, empire waist and A-line dresses were all the rage as were long fitted tops from American Apparel for layering, lots of black and gray, bold stripes and long necklaces. Who needs baby doll shirts and leggings after all?

Well, after seeing the Pea in the Pod/Motherhood Maternity Fall 2011 Fashion preview two weeks ago, apparently times they have a’ changed. Their maternity wear is nothing near frilly or old school, and they have much more to offer than just designer maternity jeans.  Even though I have no desire to actually have a third child right this moment, I found myself desperately wishing I were pregnant, just so I could wear their chic clothes!

For Fall we’re talking amazing layering pieces, maxi dresses and skirts, wide leg 70’s inspired jeans, awesome pea and trench coats, lingerie and nursing bras you and your husband will both flip over, and one amazing red cocktail dress.

Not to mention that tons and tons of your favorite designers are all available in preggo-friendly styles like Vince, Ella Moss, Velvet, Ali Ro, Autumn Cashmere and a line designed exclusively by probably the sexiest woman ever, Heidi Klum!  Yes there is a little frill, and some florals are scattered about, but in the most on-trend and must-have of ways.  Mostly, I loved the knitted tube skirts and dresses that can be layered with cascading cardigans and a gorgeous wide belt (did you know they make fashion maternity belts now??  Why didn’t I think of this when I was uncomfortably buckling my mom’s vintage leather belt over my enormous baby bump??) 

Needless to say ladies, in all honesty I went in to the presentation skeptical.  Having only stepped into a maternity store once in my life after which I quickly turned on my heel to exit, I found myself pleasantly surprised at how chic, understated, trendy and non-frumpy (and affordable by the way) the Pea in the Pod and Motherhood Maternity lines are.

Check them out now at A Pea in the Pod and Motherhood Maternity.

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