Dressing up the Bump, Maternity Fashion {giveaway}

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Everyone has a favorite shirt, pair of pants, skirt or even scarf that they return to time and again when they are out of fashion ideas. Even when I am not dressing a bump I am on the lookout for cute bump-worthy clothing and accessories. These are just a few of my favorites that I swoon over when I’m pregnant. Some of them even make me want to be pregnant just so I can wear them. With the hope that a bump will be in my nearer future (but not that near) I’ll keep these bookmarked for my foray into bump-fashion.

1. Nuka Maternity 2. H&M MAMA 3. H&M MAMA 4. Nuka Maternity

Maxi dresses are not just for the non-gestating girls. What a perfect look for early in pregnancy and think about the last month when you need something to address those ankles? A maxi dress is just the right thing to make you feel feminine and comfortable. Add a set of bangles on one arm and a light necklace and you have a look to accentuate that baby-bump-glow.

1. H&M MAMA 2. H&M MAMA 3. GAP Maternity 4. H&M MAMA 5. Nuka Maternity 6. Isabella Oliver

An every day look that makes you feel fabulous is a staple in every bump-bearing womans wardrobe. Finding the perfect combination for your body and your bump will make your confidence and beauty shine. Whether it is a pair of boot-cut cords or that perfect pair of skinny jeans, find what fits your bump and your  style because everyone is different.

1. Isabella Oliver 2. Old Navy Maternity 3. Nuka Maternity 4. Isabella Oliver 5. Old Navy Maternity 6. H&M MAMA

Finding a pair of shoes that is comfortable during pregnancy is a monumental task, and that is if you can find shoes that fit… especially by week 38. Fashion often gets ignored in the footwear department by the end of pregnancy, taking a backseat to making sure you can walk, waddle or shuffle in as much comfort as possible. Platform wedges offer a stable base and just enough height without enormous foot strain. If you prefer the comfort of Crocs you now have more options in the fashion department. Ballet flats are also a wonderful solution to shoe discomfort during pregnancy. They are fashionable, simple and elegant – just right for anytime. They are a great item to pack in your purse when you are wearing heels and know that you will need relief.

1-5. Piperlime 6-8. Crocs via Piperlime 9. Vera Wang via Piperlime

Enjoy pregnancy in savvy sassy style.

Nuka Maternity Giveaway!
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  1. My maternity style is comfortable. I would describe Nuka Maternity as classic. The pieces are things I could wear with all future pregnancies too.

  2. I follow Nuka Maternity on twitter @Aerated. Thank you!

  3. Gorgeous dress! I’m 3 months pregnant and could use a little fancy number to beat the pregnancy blues:)
    My pregnancy style: non-awesome
    Nuka Maternity: gorgeous

  4. I follow Nuka on twitter as hgardner16.
    hrhersch at yahoo dot com

  5. I like Nuka on facebook as Hannah Rae.
    hrhersch at yahoo dot com

  6. My pregnancy style is: Comfortable
    Nuka’s style is: CUTE

    I liked them on facebook too!

  7. My pregnancy style is Lifeless 🙁

  8. My pregnancy style = Easy
    Nuka Maternity = Sexy

  9. 1. Tell me your pregnancy style in one word.

    2. Describe Nuka Maternity in one word.

    sarah at realtorsd.com

  10. i follow nukamaternity on twitter as sarahndavis
    sarah at realtorsd.com

  11. That dress is awesome! In fact, I’d like one of each item you’ve highlighted – great taste in style!! 🙂

    me: versatile
    nuka: stunning

  12. Oh no, my email was entered incorrectly in the comment above. (Can we all say “pregnancy brain” now??!) Please delete! Trying again now:

    That dress is awesome! In fact, I’d like one of each item you’ve highlighted – great taste in style!!

    me: versatile
    nuka: stunning

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  14. I like Nuka Maternity on Facebook (Tiana Dahan)

  15. 3. I like Nuka on facebook.
    4. I follow Nuka on Twitter.

  16. My pregnancy style – classic.

    Nuka Maternity – beautiful.

  17. Following @nukamaternity on twitter.

    “liked” on Facebook!

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