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While Pregnant, Comfort is Key

Here’s the thing about being pregnant: The number one priority is comfort. Really. However, I am the first to admit that fashion is hugely important to me also, and that looking good is key to feeling good. Which is why throughout my pregnancy, I have made sure to not only be comfortable, but to also dress fashionably — a challenge at times, but I think I’ve pulled it off quite nicely. One area of fashion where comfort really is key is your under garments. This is especially true while pregnant, when things are growing at a rapid pace, and certain parts might become larger and more sensitive than ever before- both a blessing and curse, am I right? This is where the perfect bras come in real handy. And this is where Bravado Designs excels.


Left to Right: Body Silk Seamless, Allure Underwire, and Essential Embrace

Nursing bras that are cute and comfortable!

Bravado Designs has a great selection of maternity and nursing bras that are both cute and comfortable — no small feat, I’m sure. I have been wearing a few of their bras during my pregnancy, and can attest to their comfort and style! I love that they don’t make me feel frumpy and that they come in cute designs and pretty colors! Because let’s be real here, the worst feeling ever while you’re pregnant is to feel frumpy or undesirable. These bras do just the opposite. I love how soft they are and how they mold just so to my ever-growing shape. With their detachable clips, they will be the perfect transition bras into nursing, too!

If you are pregnant or nursing, these bras by Bravado are the perfect choice for both comfort and cuteness. They have a variety of styles and colors to choose from, making the necessity of bra shopping while pregnant a fun experience! Who even knew that was possible?

Which bra is your favorite?

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