Sprout Shell has got you Covered!

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You know the sales that say “Buy one get one free!”, well this is
SO much Better then that! This is “Buy one get two free!”

It’s a Infant Carrier Cover that converts to a Nursing Cover, that converts to a Shopping Cart Cover, now that’s some major multi-tasking! Sprout Shell is on every new Moms must have list and for obvious reasons, it does more than your husband will!  (kidding) If I had a dollar for everytime my babies were sleeping and the blanket fell off exposing them to the sunlight, snow and sleet of the Minnesota winter well, I’d probably be writing this from my beach house in Costa Rica.  I thought I was in the loop on all the coolest baby must have’s back when I was shlepping infant car seats around , but I somehow missed this one!

My breastfeeding lasted about 15 days in which I didn’t leave the house, but if I had continued to nurse and ventured out into public I can certanly tell you I would have been keeping things under cover with one of these!  Wait the fun doesn’t stop there….then when you little sprout can sit up and cruise the isles in a shopping cart the Sprout Shell will fit nicely over the seat and handles.   WOW! after seeing what Sprout Shell can do some of those other products may want to step up their game!

Sprout Shell

*Free Shipping Code is “SAVVY”

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Disclosure: Sprout Shell is a Bump Month Sponsor

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  1. Where were these cute things when L was little! I love all these new super cute baby “gadgets”. Super cute shells!

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