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Friends not having babies yet? or maybe they’ve been there done that and you’re just getting started!  Every Pregnant woman needs someone to talk to and by “someone” I mean someone else who has a  baby inside their belly!

Sorry, someone who isn’t pregnant or has never been pregnant isn’t interested in your fat feet, aching back, large breasts and uncontrollable gas.

You need someone who really (no really) understands EXACTLY what you’re going through physically, mentally and emotionally.   Well lucky for you another Preggo is just a click away with BabyCenter’s Birth Month Club.  Join the community of moms due the same month you are and you will have thousands of Moms to chat with, complain to, celebrate, laugh, cry and stay up late eating a pint of ice cream with!

May 2010 Birth Club has 8960 members!
That’s a whole lot of big bellies just waiting to POP!

When I was pregnant I wish I would have joined a community like this.  We had just moved and I didn’t know anyone, let alone anyone that was pregnant, nor were any of my friends having babies and sadly no older sister to ask advice from, not even a sister-in-law.   Nope, I was all alone back in 2005.  I had no idea the amount of support you could find online!  BabyCenter also has groups you can join, I specifically like More than a Mom, Blogaholics Annonymous, and Preschoolers.

Pregnancy is the perfect time to meet up with other women online and share ideas, tips and tricks with.  You already have one BIG thing in common and you’ll have even more once your little bun pops out of the oven!

I have two Diaper Bags to give away during Bump Month,
and they are both filled with all sorts of fun goodies!

The first one up for grabs is the BabyCenter Branded
Fluerville Diaper Bag which includes:

  • Swaddle Designs Receiving Blanket
  • Swaddle Designs Baby Burpies
  • Health Tracks book for baby
  • BabyCenter book on Baby’s First Year
  • Bebe Au Lait Nursing Covers
  • Diapees & Wipees


Enter to WIN  this Incredible Bump Month Giveaway!
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What was or is the BEST and WORST thing about being Pregnant?
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Disclosure:  “All about the Bump Month” is Sposored by BabyCenter.

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  1. The best thing about being pregnant is feeling my little baby moving all around. He is a wild child so I feel him all the time. Although the ultrasound is amazing too. The worst part about being pregnant with this one is being so tired. I have 3 kids already and I am pregnant with my 4th, so no naps for me.
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  2. This is my 2nd. (Wish I had found this site earlier!) The best thing is the pampering I get from coworkers and my In Laws. Worst thing is hearing: “you are so small!” “I was that size at 5 month!” I get so sick of that! I know I’m little. Always have been! Hate hearing “are you eating enough? Do you even feed that baby?” And my fav: “your not dieting are you?” What’s a diet? Lol

  3. I posted a tweet with the hastag #BUMPMONTH

  4. I follow babycenter on twitter

  5. The best thing about being pregnant was being as confident as I ever felt in my life. I felt so beautiful carrying my baby boy. The worst thing was having such severe sciatic / hip pain that it would wake me in the middle of the night and I’d be crying hysterically.

    Hope to win.

    sweetpeonies07 at gmail

  6. subscribe to your newsletter

    sweetpeonies07 at gmail

  7. Following @babycenter on Twitter (SweetPeonies)

  8. Best part is the excitement of meeting our first child and all the freedom to relax into my changing shape. Worst part is the bloating/gas and having to pee every hour! So frustrating…

  9. I think the best part of my pregnancy this time (3rd little girlie joining us any day…well due the 31st, but I can be hopeful! 😉 is watching my youngest come up to my belly and kiss it while she tells her newest baby sister that she loves her and will share her beloved bunny with her once she comes out!

  10. Best thing– seeing your baby on the ultrasound for the first time. Worst–I always have bad lower back pain.

    scrappermo at yahoo dot com

  11. best thing was the excitement that builds when you know you’re going to get to meet a new little person. worst thing was the whole swollen ankles and back pain thing. ugh.
    p.s. I follow @babycenter religiously – but i’ll let someone else win the bag.

  12. The best thing about being pregnant was feeling the baby move and kick… the worst… gaining 70 lbs.

  13. I love all the stuff!!! My worst thing was the aversion to foods I normally loved! Everything else was fantastic!

  14. I follow on twitter. @jakesmomma04

  15. The worst thing about being pregnant so far is the sickness I have all day! I have to be on medication all the time otherwise I can’t keep anything down at all. It’s frustrating not being able to provide the nutrition I want for my baby, but as long as he/she is okay I can deal with it.

  16. The best part is knowing that I won’t be pregnant forever. There is an ending to all of this and it’s a good one!

    (retweeted and following babycenter on twitter.)

  17. This is my first pregnancy, and I’m not too far along- the worst thing has been the exhaustion. Makes it really hard to get through the day and function well!

  18. Worst thing were the charly horse cramps I’d get in my legs in the middle of the night.

  19. I am preggo right now with #2. I think the worst part is not being able to fit in your clothes and not being able to sleep at night cause the baby is kicking all the time. My fav knowing it willl all be worth it!

  20. For me the best part of pregnancy is how womanly I feel. My body is strong, beautiful, and ripe. It doesn’t get more incredible than that.

  21. The best part of being pregnant is definitely the baby moving around! The worst part is when the clothes in my closet wouldn’t fit anymore and I couldn’t justify buying more when I knew I had a short time left of my pregnancy.

  22. the WORST part about being pregnant is the glucose test- yuck! The best part, other than the fact you get a beautiful baby when all is said and done, is not looking in the mirror and saying “do these jeans make me look fat?”

  23. I was not a fan of pregnancy. Not that it was horrible, I just didn’t like it. The best part was seeing my daughter for the first time. I love her so much and would do it again. The worst was gaining the weight and the pain of carrying around. not fun on joints.

  24. I thoroughly enjoyed my pregnancy! The best part was feeling the baby move. The worst part was the constipation in the last trimester.

  25. The worst thing for me was that my fingers went numb – pregnancy related carpal tunnels – which my Dr claimed was totally normal! 🙂 However the best part was being out of town at a meeting and feeling my baby kick for the first time – I almost started crying in front of the whole executive team…it made it all worthwhile!

  26. I wanna say pregnancy was great, the only thing that was really bad for me was the nausia that followed i kept it with my first almost the whole time i was pregnant. The best feeling was when I could feel him moving around.

  27. I haven’t experienced it yet but hopefully will soon! I would have to say the best thing is obvious… becoming a mother. Thanks for the opportunity. I love the bag!

  28. The best thing about being pregnant is being able to feel her move. The worst part is being tired and not being able to get everything done around the house.

  29. LOVE IT! I know, when you stop and think about what your body is capable of creating – it’s pretty SPECTACULAR!!

  30. The best thing about being prego to me is the thought that after those long 9 months are over you will be bring someone into the world that has a part of you in them! I’m so happy that I’m pregnant! =)
    The worst thing about being prego is trying to get my boyfriend to understand how I feel and to get him to actually act like he cares ab0ut our baby as much as i do! =/

  31. i loved being pregnant! The only draw back for me was the charlie horses in the middle of the the night and the heart burn!

  32. I loved my pregnancy and have fostered and adopted my fostered wee ones. I loved being pregnant, picture perfect pregnancy loved feeling my baby move and my husband talking to and reading to my baby. The worst part was the labor due to hemorrhage and complications.

  33. I subscribe to your Bi-Monthly Newsletter.

  34. The worst was having everyone think they could touch my belly & tell me what I should do. My first pregnancy was twins, and I seriously had a co-worker say I should get a tubal after the babies were born because “you’ll already have 2 kids” (no, she hadn’t in any way ASKED how many kids I wanted).

  35. I have never been pregnant – got my 3 kids by marrying their dad.

    But, I think the best thing would be the joy and wonder of knowing you are carrying a precious new human.

    The worst would be morning sickness or stretch marks.

    I would like to win this for a friend who is due in June.

  36. The best thing about being a parent is the immediate love you get when you first see your new baby. The worst thing is when they get to the terrible two’s and they throw tantrums every single time you go grocery shopping, or anywhere in public, lol! My daughter is one of the best at throwing fits in public…wow

  37. The worst part was the general uncomfortability and the need to sleep in another bedroom from my hubby for last month or three (I was too warm in our room and wanted to blast a fan and I was very restless and didn’t want to keep waking him up.) The best… not really pregnancy but seeing him grow and learn.

  38. The best part about being pregnant was knowing I had my child growing inside me, that I was bringing her to life. It’s the greatest feeling when they start to move and you actually know they are there.
    The worst part for me was heartburn, the third trimester I had to literally sleep sitting up, and I’d wake up vomiting stomach acid.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!!

    Sweetmelbelle31@yahoo dot com

  39. Sweetmelbelle31 is following baby center on twitter.

    Sweetmelbelle31@yahoo dot com

  40. Sweetmelbelle31 has subscribed to your newsletter via email and confirmed.

    Sweetmelbelle31@yahoo dot com

  41. The best thing about this pregnancy is watching my 2 other children’s eyes light up everytime we talk about the new baby and sitting down together to read about what is happening inside mommy’s tummy!! I love knowing that there is a little human growing inside and I am its home 🙂 This time i have been training for a 1/2 marathon when i found out i was pregnant so the hardest thing this time about pregnancy is trying to stay motivated to run 4x a week!!! I am determined to finish my 1/2 marathon in a couple of months:)

  42. I am due in 5 weeks. The best part about being pregnant is the guilt free ice cream excuse, and feeling those little kicks. The WORST part is the stretch marks, sleepless nights, uncomfortable everytime, and last night I went to bed in a shirt that fits only to wake up with a shirt that was 3 sizes too small.

  43. The best part of being pregnant is the excitement that I am going to become a Mommy!! It makes all the aches and pains worthwhile!

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  46. The best thing about being pregnant is the guilt-free ice cream! The worst thing – definitely nausea!

  47. The best part was the stretchy pants! The worst part was the epidural not working.

  48. Congratulations your in the home stretch! (No pun intended) I was actually so sick of Ice Cream by the time I had my baby, I think it took me like 6 months to eat it again! I craved a lot of hamburgers though!

  49. WOW – I’m impressed… a half marathon while pregnant and 2 other kiddos running around! I was not so motivated when I was pregnant! Good for you and Congrats!

  50. Yes – I can remember sometimes feeling like I was the most incredible person while pregnant, like everyone should bow down at my feet!

  51. Ohhhhh, the food! Oh, food was the best thing about being pregnant. Yeah, I know I should say something sweet about growing a life… blah blah blah. But let’s be honest here, for me it was about eating allllll that food. 🙂 I could eat and not worry about losing a pound or dieting. I was so happy that I could eat w/o comments from the peanut gallery 🙂

  52. Following you on twitter @chelseafeet

    The worst part about being a parent so far? Waiting for my baby to be born! It feels like it will be an eternity before I can hold my little one in my arms!

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