“All about the Bump Month!”

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Tell your  friends, neighbors, sisters, cousins and co-workers,
but most of all tell every Pregnant Woman you see!!
“It’s All about the Bump Month!”
and  Savvy Sassy Moms  is the place to be!

Get ready for a BIG month of exciting Posts, Giveaway’s, Articles, Cool Products, Baby Gear, Resources, Mom Advice, Inspiration, Baby Shower Gifts and Decor and some pretty decked out Nurseries!

I have teamed up with BabyCenter because well, I just can’t do it alone!  I may be savvy bu they are the best in the  Baby Biz!  I’ve also asked some Savvy Sassy Mom’s to share some thoughts on motherhood and I hope you will participate and do the same.  If  you have any great suggestions or any helpful information please feel free to leave a comment and share all your Mommy Expertise! Whether you are pregnant with your first child, 2nd, 3rd or 4th… Congratulations and here’s to becoming a  Savvy Sassy Mom!

To kick things off here is a Picture of my First Bump  in 2005 – McKenna’s inside!

Savvy Sassy Mom’s First Bump!

Tweet me all month long with the Hashtag #bumpmonth

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  1. So excited to be your partner on Bump month! And look at how cute you were….all baby bumpy! ahhh – those were the days.

  2. Just think that was little Mckenna!!!!!! Wow time flys. You were so litle back than too. Dont you miss that time?

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