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Flexible, Social & Virtual Learning: Is it right for you?

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No one could have begun to imagine that we would be raising our children during a pandemic. No one could have imagined that children who attend a brick-and-mortar school wouldn’t be able to go for some time or be able to socialize with their friends. Now, we are living in it, and we can’t begin to imagine the impact that the last few years have had on our children. With that said, as parents, all we can do is set our children up for success both academically and socially. The world has changed and as a result, parents and children are forever changed. We now know there are many learning opportunities that are not only flexible and social, but also virtual. The thought of moving to an online learning environment has likely crossed your mind, so the question becomes, is flexible, social and virtual learning right for you?

Are there options?

Years ago, at least when I was a child, homeschooling and anything outside of the typical school model was uncommon. Now, different learning environments for different students has become the norm. It’s no secret: children need differentiated instruction, meaning what works for one child in the classroom, doesn’t necessarily work for the other. Each child deserves to be taught in the way that is best for them. So, what are the options? Homeschooling, in school, in a pod or online learning? It’s not so black and white.

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Flexible, Social & Virtual

As it’s been stated, there is no longer a one size fits all approach to education. I was able to see the difference between me and siblings growing up and how I needed to be educated in a way that was very different to them. All three of us went to different schools. I see the same thing now when I look at my children and they too are in different schools. Today, the choice is different. Now we have to consider if the schools we choose will offer online instruction in a pandemic and how they can keep the learning going in a crisis. With different schools come a variety of considerations, such as scheduling and financial affordability. As the times have changed, so have the educational opportunities.

I recently heard about Connections Academy that offers full-time tuition free online public school for grades K-12. They are accredited and offer academic excellence, holistic support, and flexibility, which are only a few of the benefits of online learning. 

Is online learning right for you?
  1. Community: We have all felt disconnected from our community. Life is not returning to “normal” the way it once was. Even as children return to in-person learning, many families feel a disconnect. They line up at school with their masks on, everyone afraid to get too close to one another. At Connections Academy, both the students and parents become part of a community that is built around academic excellence, common goals and empowered parents. In addition to online learning where students meet in LiveLessonclassrooms, they collaborate on school projects, have the opportunity to connect with peers through additional activities such as virtual clubs and can go on in-person field trips. The social interaction and connection are deeper and more meaningful.

  2. Flexibility: Flexibility is not something to overlook. Parents create their own schedule with planned learning blocks and planned breaks throughout the day. Having a more flexible schedule allows families to pursue extra-curricular activities such as team sports, arts, volunteering or any other additional events. Different families need different schedules for a variety of reasons ranging from medical issues to parent work schedules. With a flexible schedule at Connections Academy, families can remove the stress that comes with pick-ups, drop-offs and everything in between to allow everyone to focus on learning.

  3. Parental Involvement: When it comes to being a parent of a child in school, it’s important to be involved in their educational journey. When your child is enrolled in Connections Academy, you as the parent take on the role of a Learning Coach. As a Learning Coach, you get to be involved in what your child is learning without standing over them all day while they are in class.  You get the best of both worlds by offering your child a level of support through their schooling while watching them learn, grow and succeed.

  4. Cost: As you look ahead and plan for your education costs, knowing that Connections Academy is tuition free allows you to make the best decision to meet the needs of your child. Without adding additional financial costs to your budget, you can provide your child with an exceptional education that will give you peace of mind moving forward.

Sometimes, more options can make for a harder decision, but having all the facts can help to make it easier. Making the right academic decision for your child is one you will never regret. As parents, we have the toughest job in the world, but having options like Connections Academy can help make some of the difficult decisions we make easier.

Is flexible, social & virtual learning right for you?

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