Fitness is My Filter!

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Fitness is my filter.  Everything  that I think about, worry about and stress about goes through my fitness filter.  It is my best friend, arch enemy, therapist, physiatrist, counselor and medication all rolled into one.  I do not function well without it.  I depend on it!

If I go more than 2 days without exercising I am off balance, I feel it and more importantly my family feels it .  My 3 year old son even recognizes when I am crabby and has been known to say  “Mommy needs to go to the gym!”   I have made working out apart of my daily routine, just like sleeping and brushing my teeth.  For me the mental benefits of  working out far out weigh the physical.  Of course it is nice when you see changes and have a healthier apperance, but my brain is what craves exercise!

I workout to brainstorm ideas, sort throught the clutter, and release all of my frustrations.  In fact some of my best and creative ideas or solutions have come to me while in the treadmill, bike or precor machine.   I generally prefer to workout alone with my music as loud as can be. But I have participated in  Boot Camps, Kickboxing, and other group fitness classes too.  Those types of classes have served me well, for meeting new friends, supportive comradery and feeding my competitive spirit.

I am sharing this with you because it is Fitness Month for Savvy Sassy Moms and I wanted to give you a snapshot of how fitness fits into my life and why I am so excited about this month!  I am not an expert on personal training, fitness, or claim to be a professional.  I do however feel that I am quite savvy on the subject.

What to expect all month long?
Workout Clothing/Shoes
The Latest Workout Gadgets
Fitness Websites
Healthy Snacks/Food
Other Resources
And some pretty cool Prizes!

As Moms we tend to put ourselves last on the list, so it is important to remind ourselves that exercising, eating healthy and making time for “Mom” should be a top priority!

The more you comment and participate all month long,
the more chances you’ll have to WIN the “Fabulous Fitness Giveaway” at the end of the month!

F is for Fitness and Yes it can be FUN!

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  1. Wow, looks like I found you just in time, I really enjoyed this KISS (Keep It Simple Sweetie), but to the point post. Fitness Filter, that’s a great one, right up there with my Million $ Question to self, “Does this get me closer to or further from my goals”. I do notice that when I get my exercise in, I drink more water, I eat better, and remember to take my vitamins, and basically it all boils down to the choices I make, to “Just Do It” or delay it. If I delay it, then it never fails, something comes up and I don’t get the exercise in. You would think being a stay at home mom would make it easier to get the exercise in, but not true. Sometimes I choose to do the dishes, then choose to sweep the floor, and so on instead of a 15 minute walk. All of the other things will still be there, and honestly after a walk I would probably have more energy and get them done faster, but alas sometimes I just give in and don’t do the walk.

    I break my work out up into 3 parts, an indoor 15 minute walk with Leslie Sansone in the am, (which I will be doing as soon as I am done here), a 10-20 min ST at noon, and either a 3 mile walk or 40 min on stationary bike (watching Biggest Loser or CSI Miami) at 3 during the week, yard work on weekends. It breaks up the monotony and helps prevent computer butt. This keeps my appetite healthy and keeps the water coming in too.

    Ok, off to finish my cup of coffee and then walk, thanks again for the term Fitness Filter, I joined in with a couple (about 4) friends for a Weight Loss Wednesday meme post and I will be sharing with them about your site tomorrow, I hope they stop by and say hi!

  2. Exercise is just as huge for me!! The great thing about it is the friends you meet. Boot Camp in Scottsdale, AZ is how we met. 🙂 Boy, we sure did get our booty’s kicked. I now have switched over to hot yoga..I do it 4 to 5 times a week. It is so amazing not only for the physical part but the mental clarity as well. Like you, if I miss a day, I feel like I am missing something.

    Have an awesome day!!

  3. Love the kick in the booty to get off our booties! Come March 10th (day after baby) THIS booty is getting in GEAR! Thanks for a great month to look forward to!

  4. I totally hear ya! I feel that way just two days without exercise. I love taking Tae Bo classes. They are my favorite. I feel like I can just beat all the tension out of my body and i’m high for the entire day. Endorphins kick ass. XXOO

  5. Oh boy do I need this month long motivation! I’m starting to notice the same…when I don’t get my exercise in, I am NOT fun to be around!
    Looking forward to your posts.


  6. great post. Very inspiring. I need to get back on the fitness track and have promised that I will once we’ve moved.. Well we’re in so I better get at it.

  7. Oh boy you are reading my mind. I am trying to loose 30 pounds before I turn 30. The tricky part is…I am turning 30 in May! Ouch.. got a lot of work to do. But I just can`t seem to fit in my gym time. There is always something. Is it not work it is the kids. Kids day it is a snow day the next day it is the dentist..Aaaarrggghhh..Meanwhile I am still going to Starbucks, Chick File. Gosh I am the worst.

    So thank you for your post to keep me motivated and to keep going! Can`t do it alone.

  8. This sounds great. My boyfriend and I are trying to cut down on junk food, and buffalo wings with tons of bleu cheese! We’re doing our best to eat healthy. It’s not easy trying to find good tasting healthy foods. We eat fruits and vegetables a lot which is good. We’
    re trying to drink a LOT more water too. Looking forward to your month of healthy posts.

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  10. I just did a blog about this called “Happy People Don’t Shoot Their Husbands” amazing what a positive impact an hour in the gym can have on our bodies, our minds, our families… everything we touch!

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