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One of the biggest componates to working out and staying on the right track is MOTIVATION!   A moms day is jammed packed, we’re tired and we can fill a laundry basket full of excuses why we just cannot squeeze in a workout.  So what motivates you to get up, put on those running shoes and get out the door?   Many cannot go it alone, it seems overwhelming and they just don’t know where to begin.  You need support, encourangment, guidance and maybe a swift kick in the butt!  That is where BookieBoo and her Mamavation Weight Loss Campaign comes in.

BookieBoo is a wildly popular and a very successful online community of Moms banding together to support one another in their weight loss goals.  BookioBoo is run by Leah Segedie who has successfully lost 170 pounds herself, clearly she is an expert on the subject and has walked a mile or two in those shoes!  The BookieBoo community is supported by its members and  panel of experts, nutrtionist, lifestyle coaches, physicians, fit mamas and even it’s own cheerleading squad!

The Mamavation campaign is a chance for 2 moms to become the  “Mamvation Moms” and take part  in a 7 week Healthy Living Bootcamp.  They are given a nutritionist, excercise and weight loss coach and even a treadmill!  They are required to keep a food/exercise journal, blog about the experience, appear on the Mamvation MomTv show every Monday night and even record video confessionals.  (Can you believe that all of this unfolds online and through twitter?  Social Media at its Best! )

Anyone who belongs to the BookieBoo Network can create their own page, post pictures, share stories, vent frustrations, ask questions, post comments, list reciepes and spark inspiration!  Change isn’t easy and staying motivated can be difficult, but if you have the right group of friends to support you, the chances of success is much greater!   If your going to be apart of an online comunity, why not be apart of one that is changing peoples lives!

 Later in the month BookieBoo will be doing a Special Guest Blog Post on SavvySassy Moms!
Check back often, you won’t want to miss it!

BookieBoo – A Fitness Hangout for Moms!

  What or Who Motivates You? 
Is it those skinny jeans in the back of the closet, an event coming up, a tropical vacation?
Or is it a friend, sister, mom, husband or you kids?

Please leave your comment and have another chance at the “Fabulous Fitness Giveaway” at the end of the month!

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