Let’s Get Hydrated!

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February is Fitness month so first things first, lets get you Hydrated!  I am not too picky about much…well ok maybe a few things and my water bottle is one of them.  I spotted this beauty from across a crowded Target aisle and made a mad dash for it!

I know it may seem silly to get so excited about a water bottle, and with so many of them out there, aren’t they all pretty much the same?  Yes they are all pretty much the same, and then there is the one that is pretty much Perfect!  The Thermos Intak Hydration Bottle.

This Sassy little thing has a button to push and the top pops open and inside is a perfect sized drinking spout.  I am not a fan of the < w i d e > open bottles, I spill all over the place.  And this one fits in the car and excercise machine cup holders.  With a handy flip-up carrying loop it can easily be clipped to a bag, bike or stroller.  Don’t worry it isn’t so sassy that the guys won’t like it, my husband is rather jealous and wants me to pick him up one.  They come in “dude colors” too!

You know the golden rule, “drink 8 x 8 oz  glasses of water a day”.  For some of you that have a hard time remembering to drink all that water, then you will love the rotating intake meter on the top of the bottle.  Fill it up 3/4 times a day and you will nourishing your body with the suggested daily amount.

 Savvy H2O Tips

1.  Wake up to water – before you eat or drink anything,  have a glass of water
2.  By the time you are thirsty you are already dehydrated
3.  Drink a glass before you eat every meal
4.  If your urine is dark in color – your not getting enough
5.  Even moderate dehydration can cause headaches and dizziness
6.  The more you sweat the more water you lose, replenish!


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  2. I have a bottle from Victoria Secrets, that this post reminds me of. Great to keep hydrated. You’re right about all the above points. Nice reminder.

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  4. Water is so important and it can be such a struggle for us to get in the daily minimum. My secrets to getting enough water are:

    1. Ice. For me, it works. For others, it may not. But experiment and see what you like.

    2. Fruit. Most people know you can add lemon, but I LOVE adding orange slices. Cucumber slices makes quite a refreshing drink, too. (It has seeds, so it’s a fruit!)

    3. Brothy soups count towards our requirement. Chicken noodle, vegetable, veggie beef…it all counts. As I write this, I have Chicken Paprikash simmering (the soup version, not the sauce.)

    And as you say, water bottles really help. It’s a nice visual to see the water level go down as time passes and a good reminder to refill.

  5. I am going to have to go to target and get myself one of those too!! I hate the wide mouth ones and the straw ones gross me out…

  6. Just found your site on Twitter today! LOOOOOOOVE it! Fun stuff! Keep it coming!

  7. that is a nice bottle. I agree about the wide mouth being an open invitation to spill. if I drink a glass of water before every meal I won’t eat, the water fills me. I’ve been having popsicles (sp?) a lot and italian ice since its essentially liquid, sugary liquid though. Im not watching my weight ( I don’t have too) so much as just trying to get some healthy elements in. I really like this bottle though, I’ll check it out on my next Target trip

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