Finally, the Cure for Stretch Marks! {HUGE giveaway}

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Okay, so you’ve had the baby, your losing some of that “baby weight” and you’re starting to look HOT again!  You’re even getting in the “mood” again, well that is until you look down and your slapped in the face with STRETCH MARKS!  You’ve been branded by your baby.  Whether you look like a tiger just clawed the side of your stomach or a cat scratch your thighs, they’re not cute in any shape or form.  What is a HOT new Mama to do?

Well luckily for you, you are having a baby in the 21st century and technology and science have been hard at work!  Apothderm Stretch Mark Cream is the newest skin product that is getting rave reviews for vanishing stretch marks in as little as 2 weeks!

They blend four natural emollients: shea butter, cocoa butter, olive oil and highly moisturizing meadowfoam seed oil for a silky, fast-absorbing formulation.  Then they add in these power-packed ingredients; patented heptapeptide-7, resveratrol, licorice extract, brightening amino acids, algae extract, sodium hyaluronate  that work to fade the appearance of stretch marks and nourish the skin.

What the heck is Heptapeptide-7 ?
“Heptapeptide-7 is a bioactive SmartPeptide™ that boosts collagen and helps support tissue and consists of seven naturally occurring amino acids that are commonly found in the skin.  This peptide sequence is modeled on natural sequences found as part of the body’s own defend and repair system.”

If you want to read more about Apothderm’s sassy ingredients and the Power of Peptides you can certainly read more on their website and get the full report!  Apothderm retails for $89.95

Gotta have it?
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Stretch Marks or No Stretch Marks!?
I have a HUGE giveaway for “All about the Bump Month!” Even though I cannot promise you stretch mark free pregnancies, I CAN help you WIN some pretty posh products from our Bump Month Sponsors!

So hold onto your BABY for this….


Bump Basket Giveaway!
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  1. My stretch marks? I don’t have any! I have perfectly lovely, unmottled skin despite my 4 full-term pregnancies.

    Oh, who am I kidding? My stretch marks are, um, silver. They are silver. And ugly. 🙁

  2. Weird alien-like wormy marks on the outer hip to butt area… *sigh**** bio-oil definitely did not work.

  3. My stretch marks after my two daughters are everywhere. They are huge and red. Like a huge red zebra, lol.
    And like I said, they are everything, theighs – in and outter, near my crotch, back of my knees, boobs, hips and of course my stomach!

  4. my stretchmarks… are everywhere!!! they grew up my stomach like horrible weeds!! hate em!
    wuera_mermaid22 at

  5. Marks of love from my babies, but it would be nice to not have soooo many!

    I tweeted

  6. I did subscribe email. forgot to put that in the 1st comment.

    I like Savvy Sassy Moms on facebook.

  7. liked u onfb as meredith chaf
    wuera_mermaid22 at

  8. My stretch marks are old ones from being overweight in high school, but I’m pregnant now (3 months) and am scared to see what may come! This stretch mark stuff would be great 🙂

    danielleaknapp at gmail dot com

  9. My stretch marks are big red and gross!

  10. I don’t have stretch marks from #1, but I am 13 weeks along with #2 so you never know:-/

  11. Worth every mark, but annoying nontheless 

  12. I just tweeted… how do you paste the twitter url in here? I’m such a twitter newbie!!! 😉

    ps. I don’t have any stretch marks…. yet. fingers crossed it stays that way. hahaha!

  13. My stretch marks are in stages: old, faded ones, and bright red new ones! Ewww! Need the basket!!

  14. My are super.. NOT… they are on the sides of my bum and on the side of my boobs… YUCKERS! Glad to hear I’m not alone! =)

  15. My stretch marks are small and faint.

  16. my stretchmarks are horrible,and worse on top of my c section scar.

    christina.brundick at gmail dot com

  17. My strechmark… Are valuable because they come from loving… No pain no gain, right? So it’s one of those things we accept as part of the good deal of having a child we will love forever!


  18. follow all @sunshyne1977 on Twitter and tweeted

  19. I’m also a subscriber and facebook fan!

  20. I have stretch marks on my calves…my calves!!! >.< Worst part was that it was Hubby who discovered them. They are gray & yucky & want them gone!!

    y dot yannini at yahoo dot com

  21. I also retweeted this giveaway on twitter (my handle is @VeganBabyBump) and on facebook. I like you on facebook & I follow all the sponsors on twitter & tweeted with the given statement. 😀 I also of course subscribed to your newsletter.

    Thanks for having such an awesome giveaway! Good luck to all the mamas!

    y dot yannini at yahoo dot com

  22. My stretch marks are not visible yet! Knock on wood! I’m hoping it will stay like this but I would love a precautionary fix available to me! =)

  23. I really don’t like my jagged silver stretch marks but now I’m really not liking the extra skin and huge love handles after my second

  24. My Goodness! I basted myself like a Thanksgiving turkey with some of the other products while I was carrying my son who is now 2 1/2 and it didn’t make a difference I AM COVERED in stretch marks.. my stomach and thighs look like a road map! I am currently pregnant with my second and NEED to try SOMETHING!

  25. Mine definitly looks like a tiger just clawed the side of your stomach :/

  26. I am actually lucky that I don’t have red or silvery stretch marks, just some faded looking lines at the very bottom of my stomach…enough for me to want to get rid of, though!

  27. I subscribed to the newsletter. molly{dot}dee1{at}gmail{dot}com.

  28. As much as I hate them and wish they were gone, each one of my stretch marks is a reminder of the beautiful baby boy to come any day now! Being 38 weeks pregnant I could really use a nice basket of love from Savvy Sassy Moms.

    Like these other ladies, i have also tweeted, liked, subscribed, and posted 🙂

  29. My stretch marks are a part of this pregnancy just as much as they were a part of me growing up. Little badges of “honor”. <3

  30. Subscription Confirmed

    Your subscription to our list has been confirmed.

    Subscribed 🙂

  31. I have stretch marks on my lower belly and on my hips! With this pregnancy I haven’t noticed any new ones on my belly. They are coming on my hips though.

  32. I Like Savvy Sassy Moms on Facebook ~ Kendra Mason

  33. I definitely look like a kitty cat scratched my belly 🙁

  34. Following Apothederm on twitter as xWRITE_ONx

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  37. Following Baby Center on Twitter as xWRITE_ONx

  38. My stretch marks are ever present, but proudly earned. My body has housed and given birth to two beautiful kids.

  39. my stretch marks are the road maps in my life! (twitter @mama_inspired, on newsletter)

  40. These purple and silver stretch marks so don’t go with my dark hair!!!!wish i didn’t have them 🙁 nothing ever worked :((

  41. Currently I’m stretch mark free, but I’m only 13 weeks pregnant, so that could change soon! My sisters did not get stretch marks, so I hope I am equally lucky.

  42. I already subscribe to your newsletter.

  43. My stretch marks cover the bottom of my belly – the extra wrinkly skin is worse than the stretch marks now though.

  44. During my pregnancy, I gained 55 pounds. I got bad stretchmarks on my inner thighs, back of my legs and butt. My god, did they ever burn! Since having my DD on may 9th, I’ve been trying to figure out how to get rid of them. Since I’ve started losing weight, some of the pressure is gone so they don’t sting as much but they are pretty unsightly!

  45. My stretch marks look like somebody drew zigzags on me with a bright white marking pen.

  46. My stretch marks are huge gouges on the side of my hips 🙁

  47. Scretch marks are like tiger stripes on the sides of my stomach!
    janmessali (at)

  48. I posted the statement about the giveaway on your facebook page.
    janmessali (at)

  49. Mine is that a cat scratched my thighs!
    sarah at

  50. i subscribed to your newsletter as sarah at and confirmed subscription

  51. i like savvy sassy moms on fb as sarah d
    sarah at

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    sarah at

  54. I look like a tiger just clawed the side of my stomach!

  55. mine are like a cat scratched my thigh.

  56. After three kids, my stretch marks are deep wide canyons crossed over and over by smaller silvery ravines!

  57. I have a lot of stretch mark circles around my belly button, and I also have some lines on my thighs.

  58. I’m pregnant with my first child and stretch marks just appeared a few weeks ago. They are purple and shiny and I would love to see them disappear with Apothderm Stretch Mark Cream!

  59. I subscribe to your Savvy Sassy Newsletter!

  60. My stretch marks definitely look like a tiger clawed my stomach.

  61. I was actually lucky enough to not get stretch marks with my 1st pregnancy, and I’m hoping the same with my 2nd! I use cocoa butter and baby oil on top to lock in moisture. My mom didn’t get them either so I thank her!!

  62. I am pregnant with my first child and i started seeing stretch marks appear. I would love to try this new product, because I am getting pretty tired of using cocoa butter! 🙂

  63. My stretch marks are big and obvious. I hate them!

  64. I like Savvy Sassy Moms on facebook

  65. Scretch marks are like tiger stripes on the sides of my stomach.

  66. on my way to stretch marks.. not there yet! but for sure expanding!

  67. i like sassy moms on fb courtney bella

  68. My stretch marks look like shiny scars from one side of my belly to the other. 🙁 Almost like stripes on a cat.

  69. Starting to get stretchmarks on my hips due to my twins that are due soon.

  70. They are like tiger stripes, but so far only on my butt and thighs! Pregnant with #2 now though, I’m sure I’ll get some on my stomach (only got 1 there from my daughter)

    Posted on your FB and Subscriber!

  71. I got lucky with pregnancy #1 and didn’t get any, now I’m just keeping my fingers crossed and waiting to see what happens with this one (knock on wood)

  72. I got no stretch marks during both my pregnancies but, boy are my boobs stretched from nursing!

  73. i have a ton of stretch marks, most notably around my waist

  74. I did not get any stretch marks with my now 10 and 12 year old kids. I’m 29 weeks pregnant now and so far, still no marks.

  75. My stretch marks look like a road map, and I hate them! They are the light colored ones, that are shiny when light hits them! Ugh!!


  76. I already subscribe to the email newletter under my other email mandmvaught(at) and also signed up under my other one,

  77. I follow all on twitter and I tweeted:
    “@babycenter @zulily @britax @apothederm I want to WIN a Bump Basket from @savvysassymoms #bumpmonth


  78. Ugh. That’s all I say when I see them. 🙂

  79. I’m already a newsletter subscriber

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  81. My stretch marks look like a cat used my belly for a scratching post. Not cute at all.

  82. The stretch marks on my belly look like lightning bolts shooting up from my belly button!

    Tweeted, Followed all on FB and twitter!

  83. I don’t have any stretch marks on my belly yet – I’m still trying to avoid them during this pregnancy. I have a few on my thighs.

    amybabya79 at

  84. My stretch marks look like red worms crawling on my butt!

  85. 1. I’m still waiting/dreading for them to show up…
    2. done 🙂
    3. done 🙂

  86. 4. done 🙂
    5. done (@hilkkatuulikki)

  87. I had twins, my stretch marks look like a web on my tummy

  88. My stretch marks are worn proudly. They’re marks of every bit of love and courage that we’ve faced together.

    won2xx at gmail dot com

  89. Posted giveaway on the Savvy Sassy Moms Facebook page.

    won2xx at gmail dot com

  90. My stretch marks are permanent, but are a gift from my children.

  91. Stretch marks can develop ANYWHERE! Who knew? I thought I had avoided them. Well, let’s just say they are either stretch marks or my son clawed his way out. Come to think of it, totally plausible. 😉

  92. I definitely say I was branded by my babies!!! But so worth it when I see the love they give me 🙂

  93. My stretch marks are long, lean tiger stripes. Rrwwwaaaar!

    And this baby better not give me any new ones!

  94. My stretch marks make my tummy look like a Shar Pei. Adorable on a puppy, not so much on an adult stomach! I would put that stretch mark cream to good use. And everything else in that amazing package.

  95. The statement that most describes stretch marks for me is – frustrating!

  96. My stretch marks look like canals in my legs and boobs.

  97. Please please…..we are having another soon and need to get rid of stretch makers first.


  98. my stretch marks are a terrible horrible no good irritant and drive me insane! I just wish they were gooone! Love my babies but hate the roadmap on my body they left :O(

  99. My stretch marks are very noticeable. I tried everything with my last pregnancy and they were unavoidable. I am now pregnant with my second child and dread more stretch mares.

  100. My stretch marks look like a jaguar attacked my belly :/

  101. I’ve subscribed to your newsletter 🙂

  102. I Like Savvy Sassy Moms on Facebook 🙂

  103. I’d don’t have any stretch marks, but I’d love to win this for my sister who is expecting her first baby in October (and will probably have some stretch marks sooner or later….).

  104. I posted about entering this giveaway on your Facebook page! (Heather S.)

  105. I like Savvy Sassy Moms on Facebook! (Heather S.)

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