Eye Liner Brush

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I know that it seems that the eye liner brush is difficult, but it isn’t as hard as it may look. With just a few tricks [that I’m going to share], you can turn any eye shadow into a liner.

Let’s start with the tools of the trade: The eye liner brush itself comes in many different types, so the first step is picking the one you think would be easiest for you. There’s the very thin straight edge brush, known as the flat brush.

Eye Liner Brush


Below is a picture of my hand with the same color used with 4 different brushes. Underneath is a picture corresponding to the brushes I used to make each line. It will give you an idea of what the lines will look like when using them.eye liner brush

Next we’ll talk about applying eye liner with an eyeliner brush. The best and easiest way , if you’re new to using an eye liner brush, is to put your eyeliner on in small dashes. Instead of trying to make one straight line make tiny dashes next to each other. By doing the dashes you’ll find that your line is straight and can be made thicker if need be.

Do you think that black is too stark for you? Here’s a tip: buy an eye shadow in a gunmetal color. A dark shimmery grey color has a toned down effect of an old classic.

Now you see that using an eye liner brush isn’t so hard.

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