Headbands Are Not Just For Bad Hair Days

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Have you ever thought of a headband as an accessory instead of  a bad hair day fix? While it is the perfect bad hair day fix, it also can be a accessory to an already fabulous outfit. This year the feather and flower headbands are reminiscent of the 50’s hats. You can even keep it simple with a small row of rhinestones. Don’t forget some headbands can be used as an accessory to an evening event. The possibilities are endless. No hair styling necessary.

Headbands Are Not Just For Bad Hair Days



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  1. Yes, yes!! A headband is one of the easiest and cheapest accessories out there! It gives a neutral outfit something extra and, I think while bracelets and necklaces can sometimes get lost, headbands are prominent, and a bit more “In Your Face,” if you will. Plus, I’m one of the .0001% of the young female population to have short hair that can be somewhat “stylistically limiting.” AKA – headbands/hair clips are my go-to when I want to change it up. Plus, they are everywhere, adorable, and CHEAP!

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