Blotting Paper Saves The Day

Blotting Paper Saves The Day

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We all hear that Thanksgiving is the busiest weekend of travel in this country. That means being able to traverse airports very efficiently. This means that we will try to pack a little bit lighter than usual. At least I’m sure that’s what we tell ourselves.

In the case where I have a smaller purse then usual, the only beauty products I have in my bag are: blotting paper and lipstick. Blotting paper (like the Sephora Matte Blotting Paper) can fix so many different things when freshening up.

Blotting Paper Saves The DayHere are some great ways to use blotting paper:

  • to freshen up your face.
  • to wipe lipstick off of your lips
  • blot your lips after putting lipstick
  • even out eye shadow
  • wipe eyeliner smudges from under your eyes
  • wipe your nose

While your traveling this weekend you can take that smaller bag, because you don’t need to have any beauty products, as long as you have blotting paper.

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