Holidays around the world with Little Pim, Twitter Party!

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@Little_Pim @Momtrends and @SavvySassyMoms invite you to
Holidays around the world Twitter party with Little Pim! 

Monday, November 28th 7pmCST/10pmEST

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6 winners more than $500 in prizing!

Broken parts, burnt out batteries, cluttered toy boxes…your children likely don’t need more stuff. How about an incredibly fun and creative gift this year? We’ll be talking about one of our favorite gifts–Little Pim.  Little Pim gifts are at the top of our gift list! Why? This series is all about making language fun and accessible.

During this one-hour chat we’ll be talking with some of the founders at Little Pim about the magic of language. In Bill Bryson’s wonderful book, “Mother Tongue,” we can start to get an appreciation of the brain capacity that lurks within our children. According to Bryson, “Children seem to be programmed to learn language, just as they seem to be programmed to learn to walk.”  In fact,  “Children in the first five years of life have such a remarkable facility for language that they can effortlessly learn two structurally quite different languages simultaneously.” Our world is becoming increasingly global, we think giving your kids the advantage of understanding more than one language is vital.

We all want the best for our kids. Languages can open up doors. A recent study reveals “Second language learners score significantly higher than do the monolingual students. Second language learning appears…to provide children with the ability to depart from the traditional approaches to a problem and supply them with possible rich resources for new and different ideas.”

Communicating with grandparents or other relatives far away, playing with words, bonding with family over a budding vocabulary–these are all reasons we adore Little Pim. Join us as we chat about unlocking the power of language in your children.  Little Pim offers 10 languages: Spanish, English (ESL), French, Hebrew, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Italian, and German, with more on the way.

We’ll be giving away $500 in Little Pim prizes.
You’ll be  giving the ones you love the gift of language while getting a huge jump start on your holiday shopping.

Prizing includes:

The Complete Backpack ($169.95) Spanish & French Only
6 DVDs • 2 Books • 60 Flash Cards • Music CD
Little Pim Plush Panda • Backpack

The ultimate package to start your child on the language learning adventure that will last a lifetime!
Backpack Plus Set ($129.95) French, Spanish, Chinese, German and Italian
All 6 Language DVDs*9″ velvety soft plush Little Pim panda*Word & Phrase Cards*A brand new Little Pim backpack

 Deluxe Set ($84.95) French and Spanish
3 French or Spanish DVDs (Eating and Drinking, Wake Up Smiling, Playtime)* 8″ velvety soft plush Little Pim panda*Spanish or French Bop music CD*Spanish or French Word & Phrase Cards* Fun, see-through Little Pim tote bag

Gift Set ($59.95) Your Choice of 10 languages
3 French DVDs (eating and drinking, wake up smiling, playtime)*8″ velvety soft plush Little Pim panda
*Fun, see-through Little Pim tote bag

(2 winners) Intro Gift Set ($29.95) Your Choice of 10 languages
1 DVD (eating and drinking)*Adorable onesie* 8″ velvety soft plush Little Pim panda*Fun, see-through Little Pim tote bag

Twitter Party Rules:

*You must RSVP to be eligible for the prizes and Must be a US Resident
*Entrants must answer the questions asked by the hosts and post answers on Twitter
*Winners are picked at random by said hosts
*Winners are DM’d after the event with specifics on how to claim their prize

RSVP below and be sure to follow @Momtrends @SavvySassyMoms and @Little_Pim


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