A new family of lightweight city strollers by BabyCargo

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I’m at a stroller cross roads. My son is three-years-old and while he no longer needs a heavy-duty stroller, we still need something for traveling about the city on errands and day trips. Seriously, have you ever tried carrying a sleeping (or screaming) three-year-old? So, yes, we still need one.

The solution to this stroller problem came from BabyCargo with their lightweight umbrella strollers that are both sleek and stylish. They come in a variety different color combs. I choose the Eclipse – not the Twilight movie but a beautiful blue and grey combo. My fav accessory is the tailored “cargo” back pocket with drawstring detail. It’s perfect for storing your cell and wallet when out on a quick stroll.

So far, we’ve given this stroller a run for its money taking it on adventures through our local outdoor mall, the zoo, an amusement park and a farmer’s market. It’s holding up well to our expectations and our all around city-centered lifestyle – where everyday is different.

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  • Lightweight enough for me to pick up and carry, but sturdy enough to transport my wiggly three year old
  • Comes in a variety of colors and three different series
  • Can really take a beating and keep on ticking. How do I know? It’s been through gate check on a South West flight.
  • Great storage area for your stuff
  • Solid drink holder for your water bottle or your kid’s sippy cup
  • Large sun guard
  • Washable surfaces
  • Great wheel locks


  • Takes a few tries to learn to open and close it, but once you get the hang of it, you could pretty much do it one handed.
  • Sunshade falls off easily if your little one tugs on it over and over again. But what sunshade wouldn’t?

Final Thoughts:  Overall this stroller gets a thumbs-up from a mom who knows how to work her baby gear into the ground.

BabyCargo has 3 different models and are available at Amazon.com 

BabyCargo 100 Series


BabyCargo 200 Series


BabyCargo 300 Series

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