Getting A Smoky Eye

Tools for getting a Smoky Eye

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UPDATE: Now you can see pictures at the new Smoky Eye Picture Tutorial

I think people believe it’s really hard to get a Smoky Eye. I’m here to help remove the fear of this wonderful dramatic make up technique. All of the products here are no more than $10 each.

Firstly, put a eye shadow primer on, but you already knew that.

Here are the tools you will need:Getting A Smoky Eye

  • Black Eyeliner – Try to get one with a blending sponge on one side. If that’s unavailable get those sponge eye shadow applicators. I like the Almay Blendable Eye Pencil Eye Liner in black.
  • Black/Grey Eye Shadow Combo – Most make up brands have a eye shadow duos. The e.l.f. Essentials Duo Eyeshadow in Black Licorice is great especially for $1.
  • Light Grey or Silver Eye Shadow – I like something shimmery so I go with Nyx Ultimate Pearl Eye Shadow in Silver Pearl.
  • Eyelash Curler
  • Thickening Mascara – I’m a big fan of Physician’s Formula Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin Jumbo Mascara.Getting A Smoky Eye The mascara wand doesn’t clump, and really thickens your lashes.

Super easy technique:

  1. You’ll begin with lining your upper lash line with the black eyeliner pencil. You don’t have to worry about being perfect or symmetrical. The reason I go with a blendable pencil eyeliner is because it makes the smoky eye a cinch.
  2. Take the blending sponge end of the eyeliner [or eye shadow sponge] and sweep the eyeliner up toward your brow brown. Just a little bit so that the liner is lighter and looks smudgy. Yes, smudgy is a technical term.
  3. Use the lighter color of the grey eye shadow, sweep from where you left off your smudged eyeliner to just above your brow bone. Make this as light or dark as you would like.Getting A Smoky Eye
  4. Sweep the dark color under the brow bone in what is called the crease. Put it on as dark or light as you would like. Use your finger, eye shadow make up brush, to fade the line between the two colors, if you have one. This is what gives the fading affect. If you feel you’d like it darker then put another layer of the darker color in the crease.
  5. Put the light shimmery eye shadow just under your eye brow. You can go down as far as you like and then blend it with the dark color from the crease.
  6. Optional: Take the light shimmery eye shadow you used on the brow bone and put a little bit of it on the inner corner of your eyelid.
  7. Put another line of eyeGetting a Smoky Eyeliner on the lash line just going over the part right above your lashes.
  8. Line the inside of your lower lash line.
  9. Curl your eyelashes.
  10. Put on two coats of mascara on the upper lashes. Make sure that you wait for the first coat to dry before putting on the second coat.
  11. Quickly put mascara on the lower lashes.

Alternative: Skip steps #3 & #4, and blend the eyeliner with the shimmer powder. It will be less smoky eye, but will give you a beautiful look just the same.

There you go you are all done. Let me tell you right now you look gorgeous

P.S. if you are unsure about lip color then you should know it should be a light shade. When you go for bold eyes keep your lips really soft.

Want more tips & tricks, check Candice at Fashionably Organized.

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  1. Providing pictures with this tutorial would be way more helpful!;-) but thanks for the breakdown.

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