Ergo Pouch Makes Sleep A Breeze for Babies At Any Stage

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Everyone knows that bringing a new baby home means sleep is going to be a challenge. This was especially true with my third baby. I have never been so tired in my life and so thankful for coffee. My little man loved to be swaddled in the beginning, but finding the right swaddle, and correctly putting him in it challenged me. Why is swaddling so hard? And why is my husband so much better at it than I am? Once he started rolling, all bets were off and I had to transition to another sleep system. I wish I had known about the ergoCocoon baby swaddle sleep bags from the beginning.

The Ergo Pouch transitions with your little one

Imagine your favorite swaddle could suddenly sprout arm holes and transition into the perfect wearable blanket. Baby doesn’t have to get used to a different type of sleeping bag. They just get mobility in their arms to give them the freedom when they need it. This is possible with ergoCocoon baby swaddle sleep bags. These amazing swaddles have snaps in the arms which keep arms in to  make baby feel warm and cozy for swaddle time. You can pop open the snaps once your little one starts rolling and they can sleep with arms out so they can move about.

Babies’ arms stay swaddled but their hips can move

Another big concern I always have with swaddling is the fear of hip dyspasia. We have all heard about it when considering baby wearing but it is a concern with swaddling as well. It is this fear that probably drives my inability to achieve that tight, long lasting swaddle. The International Hip Dysplasia Institute has dubbed the ergoCocoon as “hip-healthy”. The pouches have this ergonomic bell shape which allows for a closer fit on the upper body but plenty of room for healthy hip movement on the bottom half.

Different weights work in different weather

Another big issue I have with swaddling is the temperature concern. Is my swaddle blanket warm enough? How do I dress baby under the swaddle? Is baby going to be hot because I have him in so many layers? If you want to easily pick the perfect fabric for the season ergoCocoon again has you covered. TOGS measure the pouch’s variety of weights. From 0.2 TOG, 1.0 TOG, or 2.5 TOG, you will be able to pick the perfect warmth level for your baby.

Since it is winter time, I tried out the 2.5 TOG swaddle bag for Landon. I was amazed at how soundly he immediately slept because he was so warm. I also liked that the material was made of a soft organic cotton which had good weight to it. Have you ever seen a happier baby that just woke up?!

Try this versatile swaddle for yourself

So far we are about 5 nights in with the ergoCocoon and I am loving the results. I feel like this is going to last us for a long time so I won’t have to transition to yet another, sleep system. I love the versatility of these sleep bags and the fabrics are so soft against baby’s skin.Whether you’re looking for the perfect sleep system for your family, or looking to give the gift of sleep to a friend you can score 20% off 0.2 TOGand 1.0 TOG Cocoons at from December 1-9 with code savvysassymoms.

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