The Coolest Kicks for Christmas

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Searching for that perfect Christmas present that your kids will love is tough. I like to mix in some things that they actually need and won’t just take up more space in my playroom. I want this to be something that the kids are still excited about opening because, lets be honest, opening a pair of white tube socks is never fun for anyone. Luckily Pediped has Christmas shoes that will elicit squeals of glee and have your littles skipping around in style.


The Flex Fit System adjusts size as kids grow

I picked out the Flex® Logan Silver for Peyton who is 4. She is super particular about her clothes and her “style”. I figured sparkles and fur would be a big hit, and I love that the silver will go with whatever crazy outfit she decides to put together. Apparently I was right because she literally squealed and jumped up and down when she opened the box. Since she has gotten them she has shown everyone her “super cool” sneakers. The quality of these shows is incredible and I know they will last her a long time thanks to the Flex Fit System which provides an extra pair of inserts that can add up to half a shoe size. When the shoes get too tight with the inserts, I just remove them and she can continue to enjoy her favorite kicks.

Pretty Christmas shoes that hold up to everyday use

As we prepare for lots of holiday parties and photos with Santa we picked up the GRIP ‘N’ GO™ BETTY CHAMPAGNE for Everly. She may be tiny, but this little girl has lots of thoughts on what pretty shoes she wants to wear. These shoes are so stylish with the beautiful scalloped detail and bow. I love that they are comfortable for my on-the-go child. with G2 Technology that includes a soft sole with rounded edges to mirror the natural shape of her foot and a wide toe box so her little feet can have room to grip the ground, I know that they will hold up while she is running circles around the christmas tree.

Early walkers need to feel the floor

We also tried out the ORIGINALS® ROSA LAVENDER SHIMMER for Everly. She thought these boots were the most comfortable and warm shoes. She just kept talking about how soft the faux fur inside was. We love the leather on the outside of the booties and appreciate the slip resistant sole. These are easy to get on your little one’s feet as they have a velcro closure that keeps them snug. Made for early walkers, they help promote healthy foot development while letting your child feel the floor through the soft sole.

Pediped shoes make fabulous gifts during the holiday season

If you are looking for a practical and fun gift for someone on your list check out Pediped. The American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance gives these shoes a thumbs up, and we see why they’re the fastest growing children’s footwear brand in the country. Promoting healthy growth and development is important in all aspects of our children’s lives, especially when they are taking those first steps. And if you see my girls running on the playground, be sure to check out their new shoes!

Do you buy practical—but fun!—gifts during the holidays?

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