Classic Kids Shoes that will Last

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I have a confession to make…I am a shoe-aholic and so are my kids! Every morning when the kids head downstairs, the first thing they do it open the closet at the front of the house to choose their shoes. The selection is vast and we frequently end up in a long conversation about why the uncomfortable “party shoes” are not appropriate for school. No parent wants to get a call from school asking you not to send your child in non-functional school shoes! When it comes to shoes for school (and life for that matter), we are all about comfort, support and of course, style!

Sizing problems

As a parent, there is nothing I despise more than buying shoes for kids, bringing them home only to find out that the sizing isn’t accurate. Every line seems to have their own fit, and while the size might be the same, the fit is not. Once you get comfortable in a brand and you know how their shoes fit, it’s best to stick with what you know! For a shoe-aholic family like us, pediped has become our trusted source for style and comfort season after season. Unlike other lines, pediped has a vast collection that suits all of our needs from running shoes for gym class to classics like mary janes for picture day.

A shoe for every look

Classic shoes are classic for a reason! We love them as much as the kids do. When it comes to a dressier outfit, the girls put on their Flex® Naomi party shoes that are as comfortable as a runner. Not only are they comfortable, but they are durable. When we are talking about kids shoes, durability is a must! Whether it be a family event, a school holiday party or picture day, the Naomi takes the girls everywhere!

On a regular day at school, the girls need a shoe that will take them through the school yard while still being in style. Every girl loves a little sparkle which is why they love the Flex Dani. Our color choice this season is silver, but with so many colors to choose from, I have a feeing that another color will make its way into our collection sometime soon! When it comes to sparkles, I tend to steer clear because no one wants to be cleaning up sparkles in the car and around the house! But these shoes do not, I repeat, do not shed any sparkles…a parents dream come true! They add a beautiful classic look to a comfortable runner that can be worn for gym class, in the playground and all day long!

Boys, we’ve got you covered too!

While the girls take care of their shoes, and change them daily, our boys tend to choose the same runners day after day. They get so worn in that we have seen a toe poking through the end on occasion! When it comes to running shoes, pediped has so many great selections to choose from. In fact, the kids love that they can get the same shoe in their own favorite colors! A running shoe must be exceptionally comfortable and look great too! Our runners are so durable that we know, there will be no toes poking through mid way through the year! For kids, comfort starts from the toes up. So, make sure your kids are comfortable in their pediped shoes starting on the first day of school!

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