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Congratulations to Addison she won the Diaper bag & A + D Ointment Giveaway!
Her 3 words to descirbe the first year of motherhood….Unexpected, adventurous, priceless 

There is nothing worse than red irritated little buns.  Been making mom’s cringe for centuries.
Recently, this adorable little man woke up with his own case of red irritated little buns, and I tried another name brand products on him with no luck.  During the next diaper change, I applied A+D Ointment and whoala, red buns no more!  What mom doesn’t like that?
Added bonus, its goes on super smooth and not caked on your hand and fingers when you’re finished applying it.
If you’re looking for a diaper cream that will do the trick, I highly recommend A+D ointment to treat it.
What may not be widely known is that A+D also has a “Preventative” Ointment as well.  Did you know that it can be applied at each diaper change to help prevent diaper rash?  Umm… love that!  Also, it can be used on all kinds of other things like minor cuts, scrapes and soars.  It is made up of vitamins A and vitamin D… (go figured with a name like “A+D”) and definitely does the trick!  Always good to have some on hand!
Diaper Bag filled with goodies and A & D Ointment Giveaway!

A Fleurville BabyCenter branded diaper bag filled with prizes including:
Two tubes of A&D Cream
Swaddle Designs Receiving Blanket and Baby Burpies
BabyCenter book on Baby’s First Year
Bebe Au Lait Nursing Covers
Diapees & Wipees
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  1. So. Much. Anticipation! (due in August with our first, a little girl)

  2. Worth the wait! (due with our first little one, a boy, in mid-September!)

  3. My first year was – tired, happy, Love

  4. What the F….?
    But I have already won that bag from you before #4 arrived. And I love it! So I am just here to endorse it! Not win it!

  5. A complete blur (twins)
    all this would go to my new nephew 🙂

  6. Unexpected, adventurous, priceless

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