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Swimsuit season is among us ladies….don’t hurt the messenger!  Lucky for you, you have me.

I am always conflicted in the swimsuit department.  On one hand I want something that is appropriate for my Moms status but I also want something youthful and kinda hot, I’m not dead people!  I refuse to wear a dreaded “Mom Suit”, it kinda falls into the same category as the Mom Jeans (not fashionable or flattering)  But I also don’t want to wear something that is meant for the 23 year old strutting their stuff in Las Vegas.  Moms can still be sexy!!  We all have our trouble spots for sure, and while we might not look like Brooke Burke, we can still rock a fun swimsuit and feel good about it.

So…. I was offered to try an Aerin Rose swimsuit and after looking at the choices, I happily agreed because these are some super cute swimsuits!

Now this is what I am talking about, something fun and trendy but still classy.  Aerin Rose still offers the itty bitty bikini’s but they also offer plenty of other options to help Moms conceal any problem areas.  From tankini’s, one pieces, to tummy control dresses and supportive underwires.  They have a great collection of swimsuits for every fashionable Mom no matter what your size.


I went with the kaelidescope halter top and bikini bottoms….because I’m a little bit sassy like that!

No those are not my boobs or legs. The swimsuit is so soft and very comfortable.  I usually struggle with finding swimsuit bottoms, either they are too little and creep up or are too big and look like the mom brief.  These bottoms were low waisted and fit me perfectly!  I do not have much to speak about up top, but the best part about these tops is that they have extra support for those that are larger on top.  Even this halter has a flexible piping just like an underwire, to really support you.

What do you think of these Swimsuits?

I gave Aerin Rose Swimwear a like on Facebook, if you like them you should too!

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  1. I just can’t take these designers seriousely when they use models that do not have a “MOM” body. Then make the prices so sky high that middle class or low income moms absolutely cannot afford

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  3. Im with Vicci. I know there are a lot of moms out there that would love to model these swim suits. And until moms see some real moms wearing them, it’s just not a website I would even buy from. The first company that decides to make clothing and swim suits that fit real everyday people, with real everyday bodies, will make a fortune.

  4. I agree that more “real size” women should be used for sure! Although they were not necessarily pitching this product to Moms, I wrote it up that way;) I do have one of the suits and it is soft and feels great! The jewelry on these women is what really cracks me up!

    Check out my Swimsuit Confidence Week Post – for a real Mom in her swimsuit!

    Thanks fo stopping by ladies!

  5. I am working hard to get this “real mom” back into a bikini after three C-sections…but for now I am much more comfortable in my two piece from HydroChic.

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