DIY Fashion: How to get a printed denim look for less!

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Printed jeans are HOT this fall season. Not only did color denim explode over the summer but denim has officially gone wild with animal prints, leather fabric, florals, plaid, paisley and even polk-a-dots!  Jumping on this decorated denim trend could cost you a pretty penny, but we have a very cool way to get some printed denim for less!

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You could spend a fortune on these looks but we got the tips to do it for less!  All you need is a Clorox Bleach Pen.  Brooke Stewart of Power Moms Media wore these DIY Jeans during the Fashion Forward Conference in New York and everyone was going bonkers for them!  People could not believe that these jeans were a DIY project.

How to DIY: Polka Dot Jeans

1.     Line the inside of the jeans with plastic (such as a cut open plastic shopping bag) to protect the gel from bleeding through from one side to the other.

2.     Shake the Clorox® Bleach Pen® Gel with the cap on.

3.     Begin applying the gel: using the fine point tip, gently squeeze out a 1/4 inch dot.

4.     Continue applying gel dots in a polka dot pattern, working in one direction (such as waist to hem) with the dots you have already applied always away from you.

5.     Allow the dots to sit for 2 hours.

6.     Keeping the jeans flat on the counter/work surface, gently remove the plastic liners from inside the pant legs.

7.     Pour 3% hydrogen peroxide directly onto each of the dots, allowing it to soak into the fabric. This stops the bleaching action, and prevents any gel from lightening other parts of the blue jeans during rinsing.

8.     When all the dots have hydrogen peroxide on them, slide them into the sink a little at a time, scraping and rinsing away the gel dots as you go with warm water.

9.     Squeeze the pants dry using old towels.

10.  Air dry the jeans completely before repeating the treatment on the other side of the jeans.

11.  After rinsing the second round of gel polka dots, run the jeans through a gentle cycle using cool water and a little detergent.

Hard to believe, but that look was created by this little Clorox Bleach Pen!

 Have you ever done a Fashion DIY project?

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