Judy Moody and Imaginative Children’s Book Series

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Back to school means even more reading for our kids. Whether your school fills out reading logs, does book reports, or simply asks kids to read for 20 minutes a night, books play a crucial role in our children’s days. When choosing books to read, young readers can benefit from getting started on a children’s book series.

Why children’s book series benefit young readers

Series books give kids the chance to find familiarity in books. Children’s book series offer both familiar characters, familiar settings, and often similar plot lines. That means kids feel comfortable with the material they’re reading while still consuming new stories and material. That new material encourages questions and communication to deepen kids’ literacy skills. Kids can investigate whether the characters are making good choices, acting “in character,” or what sort of different emotions they’re expressing about different events

When kids find a character they love, it’s fun for them to see the character and their friends and family encounter different situations. My double-digit daughter no longer reads her Judy Moody books regularly, but she was thrilled when I asked her to help me write a review for the newest book, Judy Moody and the Right Royal Tea Party by Megan McDonald. Returning to one of her favorite children’s book characters felt a little like visiting an old friend.

Tips for encouraging reading during the busy back to school season

We all know reading benefits kids — and adults! — in a million ways. Still, at the beginning of the school year, it can seem like one more thing to put on the calendar. Finding reading habits that work for your family will pay off for years to come. Remember, different things work for different kids! I have one child who loves car reading and another who prefers to chat away on car rides and read in a cozy spot at home.

  • Keep books in the car. Keep a small bag of books in the car. Some children love reading in the car, especially after a stimulating day when they’re not in the mood to talk. Even if kids just flip through and look at pictures or do a little bit of reading, they’re interacting with text — and that counts for something!
  • Create reading nooks in various areas of your home. Make it simple for kids to get cozy and read. My daughter loves reading on her bed, even when it’s not bedtime. We used a gauze curtain and pillows to create a spot for her to read. Make sure cozy chairs have lamps nearby so kids aren’t reading in dim light.
  • Read as a family. Modeling reading does more for kids’ interest than nagging them about it. In the mad rush between school and activities, it’s not always easy to sit down and read. Still, seeing you take a 20-minute book break while your kids read definitely shows them your family considers reading time important.

creating a reading nook

Introducing independent readers to the Judy Moody books

I talked to one of my elementary school teacher friend who confirmed that many independent readers enjoy Judy Moody toward the end of second grade and beginning of third. Fun, black and white illustrations by Peter H. Reynolds run throughout the books and add to Megan McDonald’s stories. As a parent, I appreciate that each of the books starts with an illustrated “Who’s Who” of the characters in the books. That means kids can pick up Book 1 or Book 7 and still not feel out of touch with the story.

A young reader reviews Judy Moody and the Right Royal Tea Party

My daughter loved returning to Judy Moody for a few hours. She’s been reading The Hunger Games trilogy this summer, so I think this was a lovely chance to revisit a character with less dire problems! She told me:

“In this book, Judy Moody and the Right Royal Tea Party, Judy learns about her family history. My absolute favorite party was when Judy threw the Right Royal Tea Party. Everyone had so much fun! My second favorite part is kind of a spoiler, but I’ll just say investigating your family tree can have surprising results! I think kids would love reading this book because it offers a lot of imagination throughout the whole story. Also, Judy is funny! There’s a part where she learns about mousse — the food, not the animal — where I started laughing. It teaches you vocabulary in a fun way.”

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Do your kids have a favorite series?

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