Easy Skincare for Moms of Any Age

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When we consider teaching our children self-care and grooming, the first thing that comes to mind is easy skincare. For us, easy skincare means products that have a dual purpose. Since we encounter 4 different seasons a year, we need a product that tends to our skins ever changing needs. The weather really affects our skin leaving us dry in the winter and oily in the summer. Since our skin is susceptible to the sun in every season, one thing we know is that SPF is mandatory in a daily healthy skin routine. 

Is age a factor?

Considering we are both in different age brackets, it may be surprising to you that we use many of the same products. While we both have skin concerns that may differ making our skin unique, we both care for our aging skin by focusing on minimizing wrinkles and sun spots. No two women use the exact same skincare regimen, but for us, we both agree on one amazing skincare product!

While Lisa likes to use a vitamin C and F treatment and a nice cleanser, Jenna uses a product created specifically for her skin needs created at her dermatologist. Both of our easy skincare routines include Olay Whips with SPF 25. With three different products in the line for various skin types and needs, you can pick what suits your concerns best. For us, our number one pick is Olay Whips Regenerist to treat our aging skin concerns. As a brand that has been around for many years, it is one we have trusted since the beginning of time.

While Lisa has been dealing melasma since her pregnancies, she finds that she is sensitive to many products on the market and swears by Olay Whips to make sure that she has a strong moisturizer, primer and contains SPF. For Jenna, sun spots and freckles have always been a concern but with sensitive dry skin, she needs a moisturizer that will keep the dry patches at bay and the sun away. Olay Whips fits the bill for us both, despite our age difference. So is age a factor? Absolutely not, especially with this product. 

Easy Skincare for Moms of Any Age

Easy Skincare for Moms of Any Age

Over the years, we have had too many experiences where we are down to the last drop of it favorite product only to learn that it’s sold out when we need it most. These are the products that typically break the bank and leave us in a bind! There are so many beauty products out there, so how do we know what’s reliable? Like most women, we have tried many products along the way, but when it’s all said and done, we come back to what is tried and tested and we know will have a lasting effect. For us, that’s Olay Whips with SPF. It has a lasting factor in our routine that has become irreplaceable.

Easy Skincare that is accessible

The same way we strive for an easy skincare routine, we also love products that are accessible around every corner. Sold at most local drug stores, Olay Whips with SPF is so accessible. If one store runs out, we know the store around the corner will get us our fix! Moms are constantly running in and out of CVS between carpools to pick up snacks, band-aids and whatever else we may need in a given day! Picking up a jar of Olay Whips is simple! 

Taking your senses into consideration

When putting a product on your face it has to feel and smell just right. Olay Whips appeals to our senses as it has a beautiful fragrance. The texture of the cream goes on light but feels hydrating. The best part is that it is a 2-in-1 moisturizer with SPF eliminating one product from our routine. You won’t believe the protection you are getting! Not only is it reasonable but also cuts out a stand-alone SPF in our collection. Take it from us, you will be thrilled with the addition of Olay Whips to your skin care regimen as it will compliment what you are using now and give you the extra protection needed as we head into the dryer seasons ahead!

This is a sponsored post by Olay. All opinions are our own. 

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