Great new book releases for back to school

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We are heading back to school, or some form of school, and my kids are having lots of feelings about it. They are excited to go back while also feeling scared and nervous. This has been a very interesting time with masks being worn to school to say the least and there have been lots of feelings surround it all. In our home, we always use books to help the kids share their feelings, or relate to the feelings the character in the book feels. Leslie Patricelli is great at writing books that are so relatable, and her new books are no exception! These new books are great new book releases for back to school! We love sharing the latest books for kids.

Great new book releases for back to school

On September 8th, just in time for school, Leslie Patricelli is releasing two new books, Mad, Mad, Mad and Doggie Gets Scared. I have so much love for these books for a few reasons! First and foremost, these books are always so accurate in their depiction of the children’s feelings. In Mad, Mad, Mad, Leslie takes us through the emotions that children feel starting with happy and sad, moving to mad! As I sat with my daughter and we read together, we were able to connect and talk about when she is mad and doesn’t want to play like the character in the book. When the little boy says “I want to stop” and takes us through his strategies, such as hugging his blankie, it allowed us to further our conversation on her own strategies. This book is such an amazing story as well as tool to talk to your children about their feelings.

Doggie Gets Scared

With heading back to school and all the anxieties that come with it, Doggie Gets Scared is the perfect book to talk about feelings! Doggie gets scared is a book that goes through lots of things that make doggy scared and the little boy who helps him through it all. What I love about this books is that it reads as the doggy is scared however it’s a book about the boy who is really the one who is scared. I love how the little boy is the one who is helping his doggy through the scared feelings, while really helping himself. This book is such a great book for parents and kids alike!

Great for kids to read

As soon as our new books arrived, I was so excited to give Addi the chance to read the book by herself. I love that these books are written in a way that are easy for kids to read. As Addi is learning to read, I am always on the look out for book that are easy to read and relate to! Addi is going into grade one, and the style of this book with short sentences and many high frequency words gave her the opportunity to read it alone. When she read the book on her own, it gave her a sense of ownership over the book and well as the messaging that came out of it!

These new books are books that we will be pulling off the shelf time and time again to both use as a resources to talk about our feelings and as well as a book for the kids to read independently!

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