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Plan a Happy Life with Stephanie Fleming’s New book!

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So many of us sit around wishing for a different life. A different job, a new opportunity, a ticket to plan our future just the way we want it, but how? Well, I’ve got the answer for you…it all starts with a book. Stephanie Fleming, the creator or The Happy Planner, is sharing how to define your passion, nurture your creativity, and take hold of your dreams with her new book, Plan a Happy Life. This book with uplift you and give you the push you need to plan YOUR happy life now!

A book on how to organize your life

The path to a new found happy

So here’s the thing. This book is not a step-by-step guide on how to plan a happy life, because there is no direct path to happiness, but Stephanie provides you with the tools you need to get on the right path because we all need somewhere to start. She will transform your thinking from the moment you jump in and will captivate you with her success story. Like the rest of us, she has a story, one that truly resonated with me, and I can guarantee that it will resonate with you too! She talks a lot about planning, which makes complete sense! As they say, the best laid plans…

The Happy Planner
The Happy Planner will change your life!

If you aren’t familiar with The Happy Planner, I suggest you check it out ASAP! These planners have changed my life. As I flip through the planners on a daily basis, filling in my schedule and planning ahead for my busy life, I am always uplifted by the positive messages that are right there in front of me. My goal is live Live a Happy Life, just as Stephanie preaches! Not only does she preach it, but she practices it herself. I for one was over the moon when I heard that I would be learning from this Boss Babe herself on how to make my dreams come true!

Colourful pencil case and planner
Strategies, systems and methods for change

Plan a Happy Life includes strategies, systems, and methods for permanently getting organized, prioritizing what’s most important to you, and living intentionally. I have always dreamed about becoming permanently organized…who hasn’t?! With a busy life and a busier house, I am in need of finding the balance of doing it all and know that getting organized is just the beginning! In this book, Stephanie will walk you through defining happy: how to create it, how to be happy being you and how to find your happy! Her Four P’s: Purpose, Planning, Positivity and Persistence gave me a new understanding and a new perspective on how to live my life and how to meet my goals. For me, the best part is the actionable items that are helping me get a clear vision of what I want! She will give you tips to nurture your happiness and then finishes off with important reminders to stay present and ideas on how to continue living your happy life.

You can do it, I know you can!

There’s no question that it can feel overwhelming, or scary when you think about it all at once, but it feels as if Stephanie is holding your hand the whole way through! It takes work and persistence as she says, but anything worth having is worth working for! Do yourself a favour and give this book a read. I guarantee you that you will walk away with so much more that you begin with. I would love for you to share what you gain after you read the book in the comments below! It’s time for you to live a happy life, so get planning!

Plan a happy life book and happy planner accessories
A few exciting updates

The price of the book is $19.99 and is available online at and & at Michaels brick and mortar stores. Shoppers will receive a signed copy of the book with any purchase of $75 or more at

About the Plan a Happy Life Product Capsule Collection

The Happy Planner co-founder and Plan a Happy Life author Stephanie Fleming is sharing her ultimate collection of planning tools and accessories in the Happy Life collection. The capsule includes everything you need to identify your passions, set goals, and get organized on your journey to planning a happy life! Find your reasons for daily gratitude and set intentions in a colorful journal, take notes and make lists in a weekly planner, and to keep the process fun there are hundreds of colorful and empowering stickers to encourage you along the way.

Don’t Miss Michaels Fireside Chats

Please join Stephanie Fleming, co-founder of The Happy Planner, for the unveiling of her new book, Plan A Happy Life. Stephanie will be interviewed by a representative of Harper Collins, her publishing partner, and will field your questions on the new book and her approach to deliberate planning for a happy life. The Michaels exclusive addition contains additional content not found elsewhere, and Stephanie will highlight chapters over three sessions with Michaels and sneak the new product line available only at Michaels. Attendees will also receive free digital downloads. RSVP for this FREE event.

Michaels Fireside Chat Zoom Series – Part 1

Join Stephanie as she discusses Chapter 1: Creating Happiness

Michaels Fireside Chat Zoom Series – Part 2 as she discusses

Join Stephanie as she discusses Chapter 5: Planning

Michaels Fireside Chat Zoom Series – Part 3 as she discusses

Join Stephanie as she discusses Chapter 8: Happily Inspired

September Book Club

Join Stephanie Fleming, co-founder of The Happy Planner, throughout the month of September for a self-paced “workshop” content available on In this 4 part series you’ll work through this book together to “Define Your Passion, Nurture Your Creativity, and Take Hold Of Your Dreams”.

  • Defining Happy: this module will go live 9/6
  • The Four P’s: this module will go live 9/13
  • Nurturing Happiness: this module will go live 9/20
  • Living Happy: this module will go live 9/27
About Stephanie Fleming

Stephanie Fleming is a creative entrepreneur, author and life-long optimist.  Most notably, she is the co-founder of me & my BIG ideas, creators of The Happy Planner. It’s Stephanie’s mission to create a Happy Life movement by empowering people everywhere to take control of their own happiness by embracing planning, positivity and all things creative!

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