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Featuring handmade and handcrafted clothes and gifts for kids from artisans around the world, CultureBaby is one of our favorite new places to shop. The best part? No air travel required.

While some of these pieces are investments, we love that you can reach from your home all of the way to the other side of the world when you shop on CultureBaby, accessing dress designs from Africa and toys inspired by the ones that children in Asia are playing with.

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And, let us squelch your fears of products laden with lead. The team at CultureBaby only stocks products that are of the highest standards, including using non-toxic and organic materials, many of which were locally-sourced and sustainable. Plus, CultureBaby ships all of the products directly from their warehouse, so you know that they’ve been in the hands of the CultureBaby team before coming into your home.

CultureBaby favorites from Africa

CultureBaby Favorites from Africa

1. Global Print Cotton Dresses, Isossy Children, $50
2. Kenyan Pom Pom Garland, Toto Knits, $20
3. Moroccan Leather Baby Booties, Mes Premiers Souliers, $55
4. Handmade Baby Bird, Timo Handmade, $57

CultureBaby favorites from Asia

CultureBaby Favorites from Asia

1. Kimono Pajamas, Ode, $45
2. Wood and Chalk Cityscapes, Kiko, $45
3. Kyrgyz Three Little Pigs Set, Tumar Crafts, $80
4. Quilted Baby Blanket, Ketiketa, $108

CultureBaby favorites from Central and South America

CultureBaby Favorites from Central America

1. Chilean Wool Hats, Textil Austral, $20
2. Chilean Wool Mittens, Textil Austral, $20
3. Peruvian Alpaca Leg Warmers, Cabbages & Kings, $43
4. Mexican Embroidered Cushion, Yucu Ninu, $75

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