Crafts delivered to your door by Wummelbox {NYC Event}

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Last week me and my two girls were invited to an event sponsored by Wummelbox, a sweet German company just now launching in the U.S.  We rounded the corner in the Cobble Hill neighborhood of our native Brooklyn, and entered The Sugar Shop, an adorable new candy shop.  My two wide-mouthed daughters were immediately pulled through the torturing path of candy, small toys and bright colored everythings towards the back room where the event was taking place.  And in my mind I thought, well this isn’t going to go well. I was sure their next fourteen words would be all the ones that I would have to say NO to, but as we entered the back room we were greeted with something even better. Arts, crafts, glue, glitter, balloons, crayons and basically everything a little kid could ever want to work their hands with.  The girl’s eyes sparkled and they quickly found seats to get started.

Pick a Box:

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Wummelbox gave each child a craft to do as an example of what their awesome business provides. Basically, it’s sort of like Netflix for crafters but you don’t have to send it back. It’s an ETSY-lover’s best dream ever.  It’s a monthly subscription of three complete arts and crafts projects for you and your little ones!  The best part is that the kits come completely stocked with every single item you will need to do the project, so it’s completely fool proof (and “aww man” proof). You won’t ever have to postpone a great idea again because you didn’t know your glue had dried up.

Even better, everything comes from Germany, so the quality of supplies is top notch.  Now you’ll have some crafty ammunition in your back pocket for rainy days, school holidays, or to stave off (bribe off?) any possible WWII level tantrums.

Craft on people, craft on.

EXCLUSIVE:  Use code SAVVYSASSYMOMS at checkout at for 20% off your subscription!
Expires Feb 3, 2013.


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