How to brighten up a boring blazer

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Brighten up a Boring Blazer

I think it is safe to say that we all have a boring blazer tucked in our closet somewhere. It probably wasn’t boring when you bought it, but now that you’ve wore it to death it might need a pick me up.  I have a navy blue blazer from the Gap and making it look new again or dressing it up can be a challenge, but with some new accessories and a pop of color, you can definitely make that old blazer can look new again!

1.  Pop of Color – Color is everywhere and chances are you have some colored denim or a bright skirt that is perfect for a black or navy blazer.  Brighten it up with a scarf, a sparkly shirt or a pair of brightly colored shoes.  White is a color people and a bright one, so even a crisp white t-shirt and a colorful statement necklace may be all you need.

2.  Stripes – Putting a stripe shirt under a blazer is easy and instantly gives some dimension to the top half of any outfit.   Stripes are everywhere for Spring and not just your typical navy stripe, try a stripe in orange, red or hot pink.

3.  Statement Jewelry –  A bold necklace, some colorful bangles or a beautiful pair of earrings can instantly distract from the boring blazer and call attention to the bling.  Remember not to wear too much jewelry.  Make sure their is a balance of a large, medium and small items.

4.  Scarf – The best accessory to add to any basic blazer or jacket is a new scarf.  Whenever you wear something basic it’s all about what you put on top of it to give it new life.  A scarf is the most inexpensive way to re-charge any basic wardrobe piece in your closet.

5.  Shoes – If there is one thing that can really bring an outfit all together, it’s the shoes!  You can wear a wild pair of heels, a pair of colored flats or a soft pair of neutrals.  Balance is the key.  If you already have a lot going on up top, keep the shoes simple.  But if you need an extra pop of color then dress up the feet.


Which of the three blazer outfits would you wear?

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