Cord Blood Banking: Is it for you?

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Having three daughters, my husband and I considered cord blood banking more than once. The first time, admittedly, we didn’t know about it until we were already at the hospital laboring and the thought of the cost at that time wasn’t something we could manage, so we opted not to do it. Then our twins came along and our pregnancy and delivery was so dramatic, that we ended up not making the plans to bank either of their cords.

Do I regret it?

I really hope that I’ll be fortunate enough not to, but I do kind of wish I had made room for it in our budget.  I can’t imagine the feelings of anguish and despair that parents must feel when watching their child endure a fight with cancer or some other brutal disease. The peace of mind that it offers really would be worth the cost to me.

What doest cord blood banking offer to those who do it?

According to Cord Blood Registry:

  • Potential assistance with cancer treatment should the need arise.
  • The ability to use stem cells for various health treatments like improving the effects of Cerebral Palsy.
  • Cure for Sickle Cell Anemia.
  • Possible treatments are being explored for heart disease, stroke, serious wounds, spinal cord injuries and more just by using cord tissue.
With all of this in mind, if I did have another child, I think I would bank our next cord (or cords if we had twins…again….oh geez).
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  1. We actually decided to bank our son’s cord blood (16 weeks old). My husband’s boss had already used cord blood banking to help his son so we could see the benefits first hand. There are few things to think about since there is 2 types of banking: public and private. Both have their advantages so folks should research which option is actually best for them.

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