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Over the last couple of weeks I have been putting a lot of thought into what items I want to include on our baby registry. When I was expecting Tatum, I didn’t look into products as much as I do now, and a lot of the bath products, toys etc. were made with ingredients that I would consider to be toxic to infants and children. For this baby, we’ve really made sure that most of our items are eco-friendly and natural.

I stumbled upon The Ultimate Green Store and saw that they have a green baby registry, which I thought was a genius idea. It can be really time-consuming to wade through the products on other online stores to find what you’re looking for. If you can narrow your search and know that the majority of all of the products on the website are eco-friendly and toxin-free, then creating your natural baby registry will be a lot less stressful and much more enjoyable.

After finding The Ultimate Green Store, I began to browse around for more websites that were primarily natural/eco-friendly and offered baby registries, and found a bunch of great ones! If you desire to have a natural baby registry but don’t want to spend hours searching through products you won’t use, take a look at these sites that offer gift registry for natural baby items:



The Ultimate Green Store

The Ultimate Green Store has a gigantic selection of eco-friendly/natural baby products to choose from. You can choose from items like organic bedding, air filters for baby, green baby toys, natural skincare and more. You can also search by brand, so if you have a brand or a product in mind, it makes it that easier to add to your registry.

Natural-Baby-mag-cover_00Abe’s Natural Baby

This website is full of beautiful, luxurious natural products to add to your baby registry. Choose from organic baby clothes and diaper bags as well as natural items for expecting and new mothers. There’s also eco-friendly school supplies and baby-safe cleaning products.



This website has a section dedicated to eco-friendly/natural baby items that you can add to a baby registry (bedding, skincare, clothing, etc.). You can choose from a great selection of cloth diapers, natural baby bedding, eco-friendly nursery furniture and more. Everything you need to create a toxin-free start for your baby.



Etsy! As you all know, I am the ultimate Etsy shopper. Now Etsy offers gift registry! Oh happy days! Not only can you register for weddings, but you can create a unique, handmade and natural baby registry for your new little bundle. This registry requires a bit more searching time, but I think it totally makes up for it in the amount of amazing and unique gifts/baby items you will find.


I really like the idea behind BabyList. With BabyList, you can “pin” any item you find on any website to your BabyList registry. Instead of being stuck with registering on certain sites, you can combine all of your favourite products from various sites around the web and create an ultimate natural baby registry.

Want to take a little bit more of the guesswork out of creating a natural baby registry? Here are my top five items you should make sure you buy organic/natural if you plan on buying them:

naturalbabyregistryFrom top left:

1. Teething Rings 2. Cloth Diapers 3. Disposable Diapers 4. BPA-Free Bottles 5. Baby Care Products

What are your must-have natural baby items? 

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