Bump Shot: Week 21

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My 21-week-old baby bump!

Here’s my bump at 21 weeks — you can clearly see the satisfaction on my face, as I had just had these jeans made into maternity jeans by my local maternity store, and the level of comfort I finally experienced was PURE BLISS. Being not even 5’0″ makes finding maternity clothes quite a task! This is a pretty casual maternity look, but I think with the addition of the boots and my big watch & bracelet it makes it fun. I have a cute & comfortable non-maternity sweater on, Joe Fresh jeans (with a panel sewn in), and brown Aldo boots.

It’s true when they say no two pregnancies are alike — this one is SO different from my first! No morning sickness, only a bit of tiredness, and I’m not an emotional wreck (except for when we run out of green onions for salad….we like to avoid that in our house at the moment). I would hardly know I was pregnant if it weren’t for this growing belly! It makes it a lot easier trying to balance work and running around after my 4 1/2 year old. We’ll see how the next few weeks treat me!

Did you have trouble finding maternity clothes you liked (and were comfortable) during your pregnancy? What were your favourite brands to wear?


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