Bump Shot – 30 Weeks!

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Wow! I am officially 30 weeks! This pregnancy has FLOWN by. It blows my mind every time I realize how soon our newest little one will actually be here. We’ve got our diapers stocked up and ready to be washed before using, I’m beginning to piece together things to put in the hospital bag, and the carseat is ready to be installed in our car. Things are still going smoothly and I’m hoping to be able to keep feeling as well as I have hopefully up until my due date!

Today was a gorgeous warm day that Tatum and I spent most of playing outside, so I needed a comfortable (note: comfort does not have to equal blah!) outfit to be able to run around (er, waddle around) with her in. I’ve got on a grey pair of flats, dark wash jeans, a charcoal grey tank top and a bright pink cardigan for a pop of colour. Cardigans are one of my favourite things to be able to wear during pregnancy, because you can continue to wear the ones you wore when you weren’t pregnant. You could also add a belt, a statement necklace or a cute scarf to further accessorize the look.

Now that the weather has decided to smarten up, I can’t wait to wear breezy and beautiful skirts and dresses. I’ll post again in two weeks with a fun skirt/dress outfit that flatters a third trimester baby bump!

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