Bump Shot: Week 27

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27 weeks!

How is it possible that I am already in my third trimester?! With my pregnancy with Tatum, it felt like time dragged on. I was able to leisurely relax at home and take my time doing things during the day. I could daydream about my new baby, about what it would be like to be a parent. I didn’t have another child to rush to school and activities as well as balance work and blogging. With this pregnancy I feel like I’ve barely had time to register the fact that in a few short months we’ll actually have a live baby in the house!

I’ve still been living in comfortable maternity clothes, and this flowy Jessica Simpson Maternity top has been a life saver. It’s gorgeous and can be accessorized many ways, but still comfortable enough for me to not have to complain about putting on regular clothes. I added a slim brown belt to give myself some sort of a waist, and some bright bracelets for a pretty spring look. I wore this top with jeans and a pair of grey flats, but it would also look really nice with some leggings underneath if you needed something more comfortable!

This pregnancy has been good to me. I cannot complain in the least. Besides some fatigue and the small issue of feeling suffocated when I try and roll over in bed, I still feel pretty great. I’m grateful to be able to function almost as I normally would. Hopefully the last trimester is as kind to me as the first two have been!

What are you wearing for a spring maternity wardrobe? Do you go with flowy tops, or more form-fitting outfits?

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