Bump Shot: Week 25

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week 25

25 weeks baby belly!

Week 25! I can’t believe it. With my first pregnancy, it seemed at some points that time stood still. This time around, with already having a child, activities, work, blogging, etc. to keep me busy, it seems that the weeks are flying by.

Now that I’m getting much farther along and baby and I are growing rapidly, I’ve noticed I have to remind myself to slow down and take it easy. I tend to get tired more easily, and having a job in health care means you are on your feet for hours at a time. I’ve been much more careful about my diet and exercise plan with this pregnancy, so I feel a lot better, but I still have to remind myself that, oh yeah! I’m five years older, and I’m growing a tiny human. I’ve got to cool it a bit. The baby kicks and general movements have gotten much stronger, so it’s been really fun to see my belly jumping and rolling around!

I have been LIVING in this Jessica Simpson Maternity top. It is so. Comfortable. I am very picky about shirt material, and I definitely approve of the soft jersey knit material this cute top is made of. The ruching on the side is very flattering (it helps define what I have left of a waist!), and I love the boatneck neckline. I paired it with a white cardigan, orange bangles and my watch, and some wedges (who says you can’t wear shoes with height during pregnancy?!). I love this for an everyday polished-yet-comfy look.

What looks are you currently rocking during your pregnancy?

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