Bump Shot – 38 Weeks!

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38 Weeks Summer Maternity Style

38 weeks — two weeks left to go!

Wow, here we are at 38 weeks. It feels so strange when I’m asked how much longer I have to go, and I can reply with “two weeks!” It has been really warm here, so light, breathable clothing has been a must. This is the outfit I wore while hosting our daughter’s 5th birthday party over the weekend — a flowy coral-coloured tank top, white maternity shorts, flat sandals and a neon yellow necklace for a fun pop of colour. I was cool and comfortable, and felt stylish at the same time.

I bragged in the past about how easy breezy my pregnancy was going — well the last two weeks are proving to be a little less than easy! Thankfully I am done work, which was requiring me to be on my feet for hours at at time and caring for ailing patients — but it has left me with an incredibly sore back and some sciatic issues. Luckily I’ve been seeing a great chiropractor (which I highly recommend during pregnancy!) and after one adjustment I can feel back to normal. Now that Tatum’s birthday party is over and she only has one day left of school, I can take it easy!

With two weeks left until my estimated due date, I have been making sure to stay active and keep preparing my body for impending labor — birth ball exercises, walks, yoga, red raspberry leaf tea. Not so much to start labor, as I want my body to do it’s own thing, but I hope to keep myself in fair condition and prepare myself as much as I can for what lies ahead!

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