Minion Mayhem and a Universal Studios Amazing Adventure

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Despicable Me 2 Character Breakfast

Day two of our “Despicable Me 2 Extravaganza” took us on a Universal Studios Amazing Adventure. We started our morning with a character breakfast. I hadn’t even had my coffee and Gru was there to greet us. The breakfast not only included the minions and Gru but even the goofy Penny made an appearance.  The breakfast was decorated all things minion and the original Despicable Me movie was also playing, which helped keep the kids occupied while the parents all filled up on lots of coffee, because we knew we were in for a long exciting day! After breakfast we were all given our very specific instructions for the Scavenger Hunt around Universal Studios.


Scavenger Hunt around Universal Studios

This scavenger hunt course was specifically set up for us and was designed kind of like the Amazing Race!  We had to follow our individual set of clues and go to the designated areas to collect our pins and get our next clue. It just so happens, that the Amazing Race is our family’s favorite show.  Our kids got so into finding the clues and my super competitive daughter kept announcing that she wanted to “WIN THIS THING!” haha.  I explained that it was just for fun but she didn’t care, she wanted to WIN.  All the teams started out at the Minion Mayhem ride and we had three social media tasks to perform before getting our map to officially start the scavenger hunt / amazing race;)

Despicable Me Ride Universal Studios

Minion Mayhem Ride

The Minion Mayhem ride is an interactive experience that includes everyone’s favorite characters from the Despicable Me movie and takes riders on an adventure to be a Minion and help Gru on a mini mission to save his girls.  This ride can be enjoyed by kids of all ages, the minimum height to ride is 40′ tall or 48″ tall to ride alone.  Once you exit the ride there is a dance party with the minions and a gift shop to scoop up some great Minion souvenirs.


During our day, we were even taken on a VIP tour of the park and got caught in an insane torrential down pour, which only added to our adventure.  My kids had never seen rain like this. The only concern my daughter had was not being able to attend the meet in greet with Big Time Rush, but we took a chance and ran in the rain to make it there on time.  Later that night we also got to stand in the VIP section right next to the stage to see them in concert.  Again, in the rain. #BestMomEver


Clearly we had an amazing time.
This trip was fantastic and I LOVED every piece of it.


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